All payments remitted to the University will be applied towards any outstanding debt first. Students with outstanding debt will not be permitted to register for future terms.

Non Payment/Collection Action

  • Payments made after the due date will be subject to a late payment penalty.  This penalty can be assessed more than once during a Fall/Winter term.  Further information is available here.
  • If the balance remains outstanding, the student will receive email notification, to their UWO email address, of their new balance (including late fee).  This email will also provide the student a date with which they need to have their new balance paid in full, in order to prevent further collection action on their account.
  • Student's records at the University will be sealed and an additional $70.00 administration fee will be assessed to their account, if the balance remains outstanding past the date provided in the email(s).  This prevents further registration and the disclosure of any information pertaining to academic records, such as transcripts of marks and grade reports.
  • Students will be mailed letter's to address(s) on file if their outstanding balance with the University is not paid/addressed after email notification has been attempted.  The school will also attempt to contact the student by phone, if a local number has been provided.  Please be advised that it is the students responsibility to ensure that all contact information is up to date with our office. 
  • If account balance is not paid after email, phone and mailed letter communication has been attempted, the University has the right to de-register students for non-payment of fees.  Students who are removed from courses for non-payment, will be notified through their Western email account.  Students will not be reinstated in courses until payment has been made.  Not all students are permitted to be reinstated.
  • If the University still does not receive payment from the student, after both email and mailed letter communication has been attempted, the school can send out letter's to the students classes, in an attempt to ensure they are aware of their account status before final collection action is taken.
  • Outstanding accounts may be referred to a collection agency.  The University's Collection Agency will protect all personal information in its possession or control in accordance with all applicable privacy and data protection laws.
  • Students who have poor payment history with the University may be placed on a Pre-pay list, which requires students to pay full fees in advance of registering for any future sessions.  Students who are placed on the Pre-pay list will be sent email notification.