Interested in studying Analytics and Decision Sciences (ADS) at King's? Visit our Future ADS Students page to learn more.

If you’re interested in the practical applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning, or a career in business analytics or business intelligence, you’ll find what you want at King’s. Our interdisciplinary program is unique, and allows you to focus on the intersection between data and decision making, bringing mathematics into a new kind of venture with the managerial and social sciences. You can combine your ADS minor with any major, specialization, or honours specialization at Western or one of the affiliated campuses to create your perfect degree program.

In addition to studying the “analytical mindset” that empowers general problem-solving ability, you’ll gain a very employable mathematical and computational skillset, including programing in Python and R, plus advanced expertise in Excel. We believe in learning by doing, which is especially valuable when what we do in the classroom is cutting edge. You’ll learn through business applications of machine learning/artificial intelligence (AI), optimization, simulation, data visualization, risk management, forecasting, and more. This will set you up for in-demand analytics careers in any area of business and management.

What are Analytics and Decision Sciences?