Every gift, no matter the size, makes a difference

How you can support King's students:

Student Awards

Give hard-working students the helping hand they need to succeed. In addition to already established named and general awards, we are currently investing in scholarships to support diverse populations.

Student Emergency Fund

Stress caused by financial emergencies impacts a student's grades, energy level, and concentration, which can ultimately impact their future. In 2023, the SEF supported 48 students with an average of $231 from the fund to pay for course books, course costs, food, housing and other essential living expenses.

Experiential Learning Fund

Provide financial aid to help students take their learning beyond the classroom, gain global perspectives and understand issues taught at King's at a much deeper level.

King's Fund

Supporting the King’s Fund provides the Foundation with the necessary flexibility to address the immediate needs and emerging priorities of the College.

Legacy Giving

Making a legacy gift is a wonderful way to support King’s for generations to come. If you are thinking of including King's University College in your will or have questions about what type of gift would work best for you, please contact us for information and assistance.