The King’s Promise is a signature program that guarantees students meaningful employment within their first six months post-graduation through participation in programming created or supported by King's University College. For students not gaining employment after six months, King’s will guarantee additional undergraduate courses and career preparation tuition-free for up to one-year post-graduation.

In addition to the guarantee for students, which is the foundation of the program, King’s is also making a promise to the employer community that we are developing student's talents for the current and future workforce. At the same time, King’s is making a promise to the community by developing change makers and leaders that will make a difference in London and other communities.

Key Advantages of the King's Promise

  • Career development through active engagement from first year through to graduation
  • Assistance for students in translating competencies to employers
  • Demonstration to employers of the talents and values students develop at King’s
  • A celebration of the community impact of King’s graduates
  • With 60% of our students coming from London and the surrounding area, a commitment to developing talent for meaningful employment and city-builders of the future
  • Support for the growing diverse, international population at King’s who want to start careers in London

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