Research and Creativity: Transforming Research in Creative Ways 

The Centre for Creativity is hosting an exhibition and gala event to showcase creative research that promotes social justice. 

Established and emerging artists, researchers, faculty and students at King’s, Western and in the London community are encouraged to submit artwork for consideration for this event.

Submit your artwork for consideration

Selected entries will be exhibited at King’s University College from March 19-23, 2018. 
A closing event on Friday, March 23rd at 7 pm will feature a keynote address by Dr. Bharati Sethi and a presentation by guest artist Vincenzo Pietropaolo from his work entitled “Ritual.” 


The interdisciplinary Centre for Creativity has its roots in the Department of Psychology at King’s University College. Since 1974, the Centre has supported and encouraged creative endeavors in all areas of the arts and across diverse disciplines and cultures. The Centre seeks to provide an educational function of the King’s community and builds bridges to other groups at King’s, such as the Centre for Social Concern, the Social Justice and Peace Program, the Religious Life Committee, and so forth, and to the wider community beyond — locally, nationally, and internationally.  In addition, the Centre considers the historical, socio-political, and psychological contexts of creativity, including issues such as originality, imagination, and spontaneity, as well as ethics, culture, and value orientation.

The Centre believes that spirituality and religious expressions are at the heart of King’s University College as a Catholic institution, and art through the ages has revealed a deep connection with the spiritual realm of being. Furthermore, the representation of multiple dimensions of creativity promotes an understanding and appreciation of differences and similarities across cultures. The Centre for Creativity recognizes the mission statement of the College, which states that:

King’s is a Catholic College committed to the ongoing creation of a vital academic community animated by a Christian love of learning and the pursuit of Truth. The College strives to foster an environment based on open inquiry, Christian values and service to the larger community. (Strategic Plan 2000-2001)

The Centre for Creativity aims to nurture the development of an arena where manifestations of creativity can be explored within many contexts using a variety of formats: lectures, exhibitions, prose and poetry readings, musical events, film, photography, debates, symposia, and more.