Kinga Koltun

Social Justice & Peace Studies taught me that in order to achieve something you have to be at the table and get involved to have your voice heard.

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Kinga Koltun

BA Hons '16 French Language & Literature and Social Justice & Peace Studies

Current Career

Organization: City of London

Title: Coordinator, Government and External Relations

Career Overview

I worked on the Community Diversity and Inclusion Startegy (CDIS), the first strategy of its kind within the City of London, with all content being fully created by residents. My work consisted of conducting background research, volunteer recruitment, project coordination, public consultation, and eventually delivering the final report to Council for endorsement. The main focus of this process was working directly with residents to ensure the voices of the community resonated through this document.

This process gained interest from other organizations, municipalities and universities, not only within Canada but also internationally. In July, 2017 I delivered a presentation about the development process and highlights of CDIS at the Seventeenth International Conference on Diversity in Organizations, Communities & Nations - Urban Diversity and Economic Growth in Toronto.

Posted: 2018