In the Department of Sociology, we engage the pressing social issues of our time.

Sociology teaches students to make connections between individual experiences and broader social processes. We offer courses that explore social inequality, gender, family, deviance, health, terrorism, media, globalization, popular culture, demography, crime, and violence.

Criminology is a subfield of Sociology, and is the study of legal and extra-legal sanctions, including their effects on individuals, the police, corrections, the judiciary, the state, and social and governmental reactions to it.

The Department of Sociology offers degrees in Sociology and Criminology. Students in their first year at King’s will take Sociology 1020, 1020W/X, or 1021E in order to gain entry into either a Sociology or a Criminology module starting in their second year.

A degree in Sociology or Criminology helps open the door to a range of potentially interesting and rewarding career paths including law, social work, teaching, social policy, policing, corrections, public administration and government.

The Sociology department offers three and four year Majors in Sociology and Criminology, as well as a four-year Honours Specialization in Sociology or Criminology. There are also Minors available, as well as the opportunity to combine a Sociology or Criminology degree with other related disciplines, such as Psychology or History.

We invite you to explore our website and be a part of our dynamic and exciting program.

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