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Engage with the pressing social problems of our time. Sociology teaches you to make connections between individual experiences and the broader context of the society in which you live. A degree in Sociology makes you skilled at critical thinking, communications, reasoning, research methods, policy analysis, and at sociability and teamwork in diverse multiethnic contexts.

Criminology is a subfield of Sociology. In this program, you’ll study legal and extra-legal sanctions, including their effects on individuals, the police, corrections, the judiciary, the state, and social and governmental reactions to them. 

In your first year, you will take Sociology 1020, 1020W/X, or 1021E to enter a Sociology or a Criminology module in your second year.

Your degree helps open the door to a wide range of interesting and rewarding careers, including social work, law, human resources, journalism, teaching, social policy and planning, policing, corrections, public administration and government.

See this Canadian Sociological Association (CSA) pamphlet to read more about opportunities in Sociology.

King's Sociology department offers three- and four-year majors in Sociology and Criminology, as well as a four-year honours specialization (HSP) in Sociology or Criminology. You can do an honours double major in Sociology and Criminology. You can also earn in minor in Sociology or Criminology, or combine a Sociology or Criminology degree with related disciplines, such as Psychology, Political Science, Social Work or History.

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