We hope that this page will be a helpful resource for our King’s community with information and handy tools. Over the coming months, we will continue to add helpful tools for the use of King’s faculty and staff.

It is crucial that we create things in a consistent manner. If you require a communications piece for your unit or department, or have an idea for a useful communications tool, please contact Communiations for assistance (

Please note: These files are meant to be used as templates to create your own letters, presentations, etc. The logos within these files should not be used or manipulated in any way for other projects.

Style Guide

The King’s style guide aims to ensure King’s communications and branding are consistent and reflects our brand values. A style guide helps maintain and enhance the King’s external image.

Download the King's Style Guide (updated Jan 3, 2018)


If you require the use of King's logos or would like high-resolution copies, please contact Communications ( The development of King's branded publications or pieces without the permission of the Communications Department is discouraged.

Please note that there are two versions of the King's logo. Those noted 'domestic' are to be used for pieces that will only appear on campus (internal) while the 'international' logo should be used on anything that could appear outside of campus



King's University College utilized two very specific colours to represent the institution - green and gold. These are very specific hues and should be utilized whenever possible.

Powerpoint / Letterhead

When presenting about King's, research findings, or simply updating your department, these templates will give you a clean, professional, King's appearance.


Departments and support units are encouraged to use up existing paper stationery before ordering new stock. New stationery can be ordered by contacting Purchasing at

Western University

If you are in need of information regarding the Western University brand, please visit