Leslie Starr-Hemburrow

Leslie Starr-Hemburrow

BSW '88

Current Career

Organization: Trillium Health Partners

Title: VP, Patient Care Services, and Regional Vice President, Cancer Care Ontario

How did King’s help you get connected?

My experiences at King’s and my practicum connected me to my very first job and to my Master’s degree. I wanted to get a Master’s degree and I wanted to work in a hospital. Through my placement, my experiences and my courses I was able to leverage these opportunities for my Master’s degree. I was able to get my first job which was in health care and now I’ve spent a career in this area.

How did King’s help you make a difference?

King’s, and specifically the BSW, is what I call my special sauce. Being a social worker in a leadership role at an acute care hospital is a differentiator for me. Being able to bring the systems theory, the values, the group work experience, the course work and the practicum into what I do every day in a health care system is how I can make a difference. With my Social Work degree, I started by helping individuals then moving into progressive leadership positions levels have been able to help as a manager at the hospital I work in. Now, as the Vice-President of Patient Care Services and as the Regional Vice-President of Cancer Care Ontario I’m making a difference in the system. I have other degrees but it’s my Social Work degree that’s my true north. It’s really easy to make decisions when you know what your values are. I believe it all started with my BSW.

Posted: 2018