Administrative Fees and Appeals

King's University College provides information to students regarding deadlines using a variety of mediums including written documents (invoices, fees schedules, and registration handbooks), web postings, emails, and postings around the College.  In addition, our staff in Student Financial Services is available during normal business hours 12 months of the year to answer questions and counsel students with financial concerns.

Late Fees

Canadian and Permanent Residents:

Non-OSAP Students: Failure to meet payment deadlines will result in a late penalty fee. Full time students - $183.00, Part time students - $91.50. This penalty can be assessed once per term and will become part of the outstanding balance on the student's account.

Full Time OSAP Students are required to have an error free OSAP application no later than the August tuition deadline in order to defer their first installment payment. Students were requested to apply and submit all OSAP documentation by June 30th and July 15th respectively, to allow 4-6 weeks for processing. In addition, students wishing to use OSAP to cover their fees must have allowed the redirection of funds on their application (allow the ministry to pay tuition and compulsory fees on their behalf). Failure to meet the criteria listed above will mean that your funding is not available at the time tuition is due. A late fee of $50.00 will be assessed to your student account. By the first day of classes if your OSAP remains on hold, an additional $133.00 fee will be assessed, to the maximum late fee of $183.00.

International Students:  Failure to meet payment deadlines will result in a late penalty fee. Full time students - $401.00, Part Time students - $200.50. This penalty will become part of the outstanding balance on the student's account.

Late Registration Fees are charged when students fail to select courses during the designated web registration period and manual intervention is required. A fee of $183.00 is added to full-time Canadian student's account, and $401.00 is added to an International student's account. These late fees become part of the outstanding balance.  Fees for part-time students are prorated based on course loads.

Students who are offered late admission to the University, after the August tuition fee deadline has passed, have 10 business days to make financial arrangements (i.e. apply to OSAP or pay their fees) to avoid late penalty. A copy of the late admission letter may be requested by the Student Financial Services Office.

Appeal Process: Those students wishing to appeal an administrative charge must do so by completing a Late Payment Fee Appeal Form, and submitting this to Student Financial Services, Wemple Hall Room W144.  All appeals will be reviewed by the CFO and responded to in writing to the address on the appeal letter.  The appeal should clearly state the reasons why the deadlines were missed and why those reasons constitute grounds for waiving the fee.

Returned Cheque Fee: It is the student's responsibility to ensure that cheques are properly completed. If a cheque is returned for any reason, the student will be subject to a $72.00 return cheque charge and possible late fee. This penalty must be paid at the time the cheque is replaced. All replacement cheques must be certified.

Replacement Cheque Fee: $28.50

Failure to pay tuition and/or administrative fees may result in the sealing of your Permanent Academic Records at King's University College.  This will not only prevent further registration, but also the disclosure of any information pertaining to your academic records, such as transcripts of marks and grade reports.  An additional fee of $67.00 will also be assessed.  In addition, students may not be permitted to enroll in future sessions, and may be subject to further collection action.

Administrative fees can be waived when King's has directly contributed to a student missing a deadline as a result of misleading information or processing delays.  The amount of fees set by the College is not based on individual circumstances and is applied equally to all students.

Student Complaint Procedures

If any student is not fully satisfied with the result of service from Student Financial Services in regards to tuition refunds, OSAP assessments, Student Access Guarantee, or any other customer service related issue, they are encouraged to either:

  • Schedule an appointment with the Student Financial Services Officer at King's, by contacting 519-433-3491 ext. 4319
  • Contact the Western University Canada Ombudsperson at