Susan Jeffrey

I advise students to network, join associations, and get their foot in the door through information interviews.

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Susan Jeffrey

BA '82 English Language & Literature

Current Career

Organization: Medscape

Title: Executive News Editor

Career Overview

After my undergrad, I pursued a Bachelor of Education from Althouse based on the advice that I hone my skills to bring something else to the table. Although I did not want to become a teacher, I knew I needed this next step. After that, I chose to work with magazines. From there, I found myself in the field I am in now. As Executive News Editor, I apply my journalistic skills. I used to do more writing, almost an essay every day, and I loved it. Now, I assign work to my staff. I have to stay up-to-date on medical market trends and news, and attend large conferences in the medical field. My editing, writing, organizational, reading for comprehension, and critical thinking skills from undergrad are invaluable in this career.

Further Degrees / Certifications

Bachelor of Education
Althouse College

Posted: 2018