Contact Security:

 The security for the College is provided through a combination of GardaWorld personnel and UWO Police. The security guards patrol the grounds and buildings regularly to ensure that all systems are functioning properly, buildings are secure and there is no danger to personnel or buildings.


  • Personal Property
    Please do not leave any valuable property where it is accessible or in view: Lock your office - lock your car, etc.
  • Safety of Others
    Please ensure, should you enter or leave through a locked door, that the door is locked behind you. It is very disconcerting to other people in the building during off hours to find that someone has exposed them to danger by leaving a door unlocked. 
  • Your Own Safety
    Please ensure that you do not put yourself in a position where you are uncomfortable. Walk on main walkways which are lighted, do not use shortcuts and if you would like an escort, call the King's University College Security at 519 521-6215. If it is an emergency and no one answers, call 911 or Campus Community Police Services at 519 661-3300.

If you are using your office outside normal working hours or on weekends, please advise security that you are on campus and how long you will be here.