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King’s School of Management, Economics and Mathematics (MEM) combines three unique academic disciplines in one school. The School of MEM is unique in its interdisciplinary focus, and the synergy between disciplines delivers extra technical and analytics skills in each program.

The school offers a robust and comprehensive set of academic programs that meet current job market needs, and those of the future. Most of the mandatory courses in the first and second years of programs offered by the School of MEM are common across our program areas, and you can spend your first two years investigating your options for specialization, including Human Resources, Global Commerce, Finance, Accounting, Economics, Analytics, or a combination of these. You'll be able to customize your degree based on your interests, and have access to the tools and training needed to effectively work in a variety of sectors.

You’ll learn from PhD experts in their respective fields, and the smaller class sizes will enable you to build strong connections with your professors and classmates, and create a community here at King’s. You can also participate in the various specialized clubs on campus as well as our internship programs.

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