Ready to make a full-time application? Online applications are available at the Ontario Universities' Application Centre's Web site:  If you have any questions or concerns about the application procedure, please contact the OUAC centre at 519-823-1063.

Full Time Application Fees
  • Ontario high school students (101 form) $150.00 (CDN)
  • Other full-time undergraduate applicants (105 form) $156.00 (CDN/Permanent Residents)
  • Other full-time undergraduate applicants (105 form) $166.00 (International Students)
  • Additional application choices (in all categories): $50.00 per choice
Supplementary evaluation fee

A single non-refundable evaluation fee of $93.50 (Canadian) payable to the OUAC is required of all 105 applicants. The following are exempt this evaluation fee:

  1. Applicants from Six Nations Polytechnic
  2. Applicants from the English Language Programs at WELC, Culture Works or Fanshawe College