A collaborative program with Fanshawe College.

The Finance & Wealth Management program is a 4-year collaborative program offered by King’s and Fanshawe. Successful graduates of the program will receive a Bachelor of Arts - Finance (3 year) degree from Western University, and a Business - Finance (2 year) diploma from Fanshawe College.

In addition, the primary educational components of: Personal Financial Planner® (PFP®), Qualified Associate Financial Planner™ (QAFP™), and Certified Financial Planner® (CFP®) certification can be completed, as well as preparation to write industry licensing exams such as Investment Funds In Canada, Canadian Securities Course® (CSC®), and Life License Qualification Program (LLQP) which will further enhance career opportunities. Students must have MCV 4U completed to apply for the program.

For Ontario high school students a minimum 79 - 80% final entrance average is required. Averages are calculated on the top six 4U or 4M credits including English 4U and MCV 4U.

*Applicants must possess MCV 4U to be considered for admission.
**This program is only available to students applying to Year 1 of studies
Year One: King's University College (total of 5.0 credits)
  • Economic 1021A: Principles of Microeconomics
  • Math 1229A/B: Methods of Matrix Algebra
  • Business 1220E: Introduction to Business
  • Economic 1022B: Principles of Macroeconomics
  • Math 1225A/B or, Math 1230B: Methods of Calculus, or, Calculus for the Social Sciences
  • Arts elective
  • 1000 level elective
Year Two: Fanshawe College (total of 6.0 credits)
  • WRIT 1032/34: Reason and Writing
  • BUSI1068: Effective Meetings and Presentations
  • FINA 1062: Financial Planning
  • FINA 1053: Mutual Funds in Canada
  • MKTG 1012: Intro. to Marketing
  • MATH 1057: Math of Finance
  • COMM 3020: Business Communications
  • INSR 3014: Life and Health Insurance Planning
  • FINA 3032: Investment in Canada
  • FINA 1013: Retirement Planning
  • FINA 1025: Individual Taxation
  • FINA 1040: Consumer Credit
Year Three: King's University College (total of 5.0 courses)
  • Economic 2220A: Intermediate Macroeconomics 1
  • Economic 2222A: Econometrics 1
  • Business 2257: Accounting and Business Analysis
  • ActurSci 2053: Actuarial Sciences
  • Economic 2221B: Intermediate Macroeconomics 2
  • Economic 2223B: Econometrics 2
  • Senior essay course (2000 level or above)
Year Four: Fanshawe College & King's University College
  • Term 1: Fanshawe College (total of 3.0 credits)
    • FINA3036: Comp. Financial Planning
    • FINA3041: Portfolio Management
    • FINA3030: Tax Planning
    • FINA1012: Risk Management and Estate Planning
    • MGMT3059: Strategic Client Engagement
    • LAWS3063: Business Law
  • Term 2: King's University College (total of 2.0 credits)
    • MOS 3310B: Finance for MOS
    • MOS3312B: Derivatives Securities for MOS
    • Economic 3370B: International Finance
    • Elective at or above 2000 level

Careers include Analyst (Finance, Investment, Business), Investment Advisor, Insurance and Banking.

Approximate Costs

Fee details and schedules are available at www.kings.uwo.ca/fee-schedules/

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