A collaborative program with Fanshawe College. New for September 2018.

King's and Fanshawe College have developed a unique pathway earning the two year diploma and the three year degree in Economics (major in Finance) within a four year period. These graduates, in addition to earning a degree from Western and a diploma from Fanshawe College, will also possess a number of certifications (i.e., Certified Financial Planner and Mutual Funds Licensing) as well as be prepared to write the exams for the Canadian Securities Course and Life Licensing Qualification Program which will further enhance their career opportunities. Students must have MCV 4U completed to apply for the program, and can apply through the Faculty of Social Science in first year.

For Ontario high school students a minimum 79% final entrance average is required. Averages are calculated on the top six 4U or 4M credits including English 4U and MCV 4U.

*Applicants must possess MCV 4U to be considered for admission.
Year One: King's University College (total of 5.0 credits)
  • Economic 1021A: Principles of Microeconomics
  • Math 1229A/B: Methods of Matrix Algebra
  • Business 1220E: Introduction to Business
  • Economic 1022B: Principles of Macroeconomics
  • Math 1225A/B or, Math 1230B: Methods of Calculus, or, Calculus for the Social Sciences
  • Arts elective
  • 1000 level elective
Year Two: Fanshawe College (total of 6.0 credits)
  • WRIT 1032/34: Reason and Writing
  • BUSI1068: Effective Meetings and Presentations
  • FINA1024: Financial Planning
  • FINA 1053: Mutual Funds in Canada
  • MKTG1012: Intro. to Marketing
  • MATH1057: Math of Finance
  • COMM3020: Business Communications
  • INSR3014: Life and Health Insurance Planning
  • FINA3032: Investment in Canada
  • FINA1013: Retirement Planning
  • FINA1025: Individual Taxation
  • FINA1040: Consumer Credit
Year Three: King's University College (total of 5.0 courses)
  • Economic 2220A: Intermediate Macroeconomics 1
  • Economic 2222A: Econometrics 1
  • Business 2257: Accounting and Business Analysis
  • ActurSci 2053: Actuarial Sciences
  • Economic 2221B: Intermediate Macroeconomics 2
  • Economic 2223B: Econometrics 2
  • Senior essay course (2000 level or above)
Year Four: Fanshawe College & King's University College
  • Term 1: Fanshawe College (total of 3.0 credits)
    • FINA3036: Comp. Financial Planning
    • FINA3041: Portfolio Management
    • FINA3030: Tax Planning
    • FINA1012: Risk Management and Estate Planning
    • MGMT3059: Strategic Client Engagement
    • LAWS3018: Business Law
  • Term 2: King's University College (total of 2.0 credits)
    • MOS 3310B: Finance for MOS
    • MOS3312B: Derivatives Securities for MOS
    • Economic 3370B: International Finance
    • Elective at or above 2000 level

Careers include Analyst (Finance, Investment, Business), Investment Advisor, Insurance and Banking.

Approximate Costs

Fee details and schedules are available at www.kings.uwo.ca/fee-schedules/

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