King’s Research Office is thrilled to invite you to join us for the inaugural
King’s Research Week

March 25-28, 2024

What is King’s Research Week?

Research Week at King’s is an immersive celebration highlighting the pivotal role of research within our institution, serving as a conduit for narrative creation, knowledge dissemination, and societal impact. Through a dynamic series of events, discussions, and showcases, the week aims to spotlight the interconnectedness of research, teaching, and community engagement, underscoring our commitment to fostering leaders committed to social justice and ethical action.

Dr. Erin Hannah, Associate Dean of Research, talks about research and Research Week at King’s with King’s President Dr. David Malloy.

Event Highlights

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King’s-Community Research Engagements
The events spotlight the dynamic collaboration and intersections between King’s faculty, students, and local community organizations, illustrating the tangible impact of King’s research. Through a series of roundtable exchanges, we showcase how King’s research and experiential learning opportunities foster positive social change and strengthen our commitment to community engagement and social justice.

Knowledge Exchange and Impact Awards Gala
Celebrate the transformative impact of research at King's and the people driving positive change in our communities. Join us for an elegant gala honoring the recipients of King's research awards and recognizing the profound contributions of King's research.

Experiential Learning Showcase
Hear from King's alumni and faculty about the transformative impact of international experiential learning opportunities at King's including field courses in places such as Ghana, Ethiopia, Italy, Belgium, France and the Dominican Republic. Alumni reflect on how King's experiential learning propelled them to leadership roles and empowered them to become changemakers in their careers after King's.

Lunch and Learn Sessions
Engage in an interactive forum where experts share insights, tips, and advice on key topics including research ethics, EDID in research, work-integrated learning opportunities, and second-level knowledge mobilization to promote a culture of continuous learning and inclusivity within King’s research.

Research Panels
Ignite your curiosity as King’s students, faculty and alumni and showcase the core values of King’s research – social justice, ethical action and community engagement. Panelists will deliver short presentations followed by a Q&A session with the audience fostering interactive dialogue and exchange.

Fireside Chats
Engage in intimate conversations with trailblazers and thought leaders. Gather around the virtual fireside as King’s faculty members, Fulbright Scholar, and students share their research stories, professional journeys, and pearls of wisdom, fostering inspiration and connection.

Celebrating French Teaching and Research at King's 
Join us for an inspiring event, "Celebrating French Teaching and Research at King's", where we honour our soon-to-be graduates and showcase the remarkable achievements of our French program. We're excited to launch a social network and forge connections with the Faculty of Education at Western University. Our distinguished lineup includes an invited speaker, alongside esteemed alumni who are currently students at Althouse, offering valuable insights and perspectives.

Psychology for the Common Good
Discover the profound impact of student research undertaken at King's University College. Under the guidance of Dr. Marcie Penner, students enrolled in the course, 'Psychology for the Common Good,' have dedicated themselves to crafting research-based solutions for the pressing challenges our local community faces. The culmination of the event will be the awarding of the prestigious Agnes Penner Prize.

Key Objectives

Showcasing Research Excellence
Presenting a comprehensive narrative that elucidates the integration of research into the fabric of the King’s experience, emphasizing its centrality in fostering pedagogical innovation and community-based engagement.

Inclusivity in Research
Championing a broad spectrum of research traditions, acknowledging diverse forms of scholarly contributions beyond traditional metrics, such as peer-reviewed publications and grant capture, while spotlighting community engagement, pedagogical innovation, and collaborative partnerships.

Student-Faculty Synergy
Highlighting the symbiotic relationship between student and faculty research, exemplifying how faculty research enriches classroom experiences while students actively contribute to and participate in ongoing research initiatives.

Impact and Societal Relevance
Emphasizing the societal benefits of King’s research endeavors, showcasing their tangible impact on public policy, community development, and equity advocacy, further underlining our commitment to social justice and ethical action.

Key Outcomes

  • Illustrating King’s distinct value proposition, emphasizing the fusion of world-class research with a commitment to social justice, ethical action and community engagement.
  • Showcasing the pivotal role of undergraduate students and alumni in research initiatives, highlighting their contributions and the unparalleled learning opportunities available at King’s.
  • Demonstrating how faculty research translates into innovative classroom experiences and pedagogical approaches, emphasizing active learning and community-based engagement.

Research Week at King’s serves as a testament to our dedication to fostering a dynamic space where research thrives, enriching educational experiences, and igniting positive societal change. Join us in this illuminating celebration of scholarly excellence, where the fusion of research, teaching and community engagement paves the way for transformative change.

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