King’s is proud to celebrate our outstanding faculty with two annual awards:
the Award of Excellence in Teaching (Full-Time Faculty) and the Award of Excellence in Teaching (Part-Time Faculty).

Deadline for nominations is Friday, March 17, 2023.

Teaching Awards at King’s were established in 1996. These awards are based on evidence of continued contributions to the academic development of our students. All instructors, full- or part-time, with academic teaching responsibilities at King’s are eligible to be nominated.

Nominations are welcomed from students, faculty, and staff.

Eligibility requirements

  • Currently teaching at King’s
  • Full-time faculty: a minimum of five years of teaching experience at King’s
  • Part-time faculty: a minimum of three years of teaching experience at King’s

Selection criteria

Among the factors considered in selecting the recipient are:

  1. Classroom instruction (lectures, small groups, labs, etc.)
  2. Academic counselling, mentoring, tutoring, and advising of students
  3. Course design
  4. Curriculum development;
  5. Preparation of educational materials
  6. Innovative teaching methods

The Award Selection Committee is made up of the Associate Academic Dean (Chair), the President of the King’s University College Student Council, the President and the Vice-President & Academic Dean (or chosen representatives), two student members of the Faculty Council, two Alumni, two Faculty members, one Professor Emeritus and the Vice-Principal, Enrolment Services and Strategic Partnerships.

The recipient for full-time faculty in 2022 was Dr. Sam Frankel, Associate Professor in Childhood and Youth Studies. The recipient for the part-time faculty was Dr. Oleksa Drachewych, Lecturer in the Department of History.

In addition to the Award of Excellence in Teaching, the full-time recipient will receive a cash award up to $900 and the honour of presenting the annual Christopher Perrin Beatty Lecture. In the event that the full-time recipient is unavailable to fulfill this obligation, the committee will consider the part-time recipient for the cash award and lecture. This important lecture was established by the Beatty family to honour the memory of their son Christopher Beatty, a 2007 alumnus who passed away in 2008 at the age of 23.

Read more about the 2022 Award of Excellence in Teaching winners.

Award of Excellence in Teaching (Full-Time Faculty)
  • 2022 Dr. Sam Frankel 
  • 2021 John Grant
  • 2020 Graham Broad
  • 2019 Rick Csernik
  • 2018 Brian Patton
  • 2017 Trevor Hunter
  • 2016 Jacquetta Newman
  • 2015 Joe Michalski
  • 2014 Alison Meek
  • 2013 Erin Hannah
  • 2012 Chris Roney
  • 2011 Antonio Calcagno
  • 2010 Laura Melnyk Gribble
  • 2009 Siu Ming Kwok
  • 2008 Raija Koski
  • 2007 John Orange
  • 2006 David Meredith
  • 2005 David MacGregor
  • 2004 Imants Baruss
  • 2003 Paul Werstine
  • 2002 Hunter Brown
  • 2001 Not awarded
  • 2000 Lesley Harman
  • 1999 Rose Marie Jaco
  • 1998 Gary Paterson
  • 1997 Nicholas Skinner
Award of Excellence in Teaching (Part-Time Faculty)
  • 2022 Dr. Oleksa Drachewych
  • 2021 Nigel Joseph
  • 2020 Vidya Natarajan
  • 2019 Kimberly Baltzer-Jaray
  • 2018 Carrie Arnold
  • 2017 Jeremy Greenway
  • 2016 Joseph Turnbull
  • 2015 Sid Noel
  • 2014 Ruth Ann Strickland
  • 2011 Jeff Vacante