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Skylar Franke

The SJPS program taught me that change is possible. It also taught me that we need to use whatever privileges we've been granted in our life to promote that change.

Skylar Franke

Honors BA Social Justice & Peace Studies and French

Graduation Year: 2013

Current Career

Organization: London Environmental Network

Title: Network Coordinator

Career Overview

I work at the London Environmental Network, which is an environmental non-profit that works to build strong, resilient organizations so they can be more effective at creating positive environmental change over the long term. The London Environmental Network also acts as a doorway into the environmental non-profit sector so Londoners can more easily learn about environmental efforts in our city and how to get involved.

My day to day tasks include running events, meeting with members, creating collaborative opportunities and sharing the environmental sector’s accomplishments with Londoners. We have 45 environmental organizations that participate in our network activities. We offer 6 workshops a year, as well as bi-monthly Green Drinks networking events.

I’m also responsible for creating access to shared resources, delivering training sessions, maintaining online portals (website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) as well as the daily operations and governance of the organization. I make the budget, hire staff, write grants and take out the recycling. I would say I do a little bit of everything.

We are currently seeking to incorporate and become a registered charity, so recently I have been doing a lot of governance and by-law work. Becoming a legal entity requires a lot of paperwork, legal consulting and writing. We are also seeking to add a social enterprise to our organizational structure – so I’ve been having a lot of meetings and writing a lot of briefs on that topic. Depending what our priorities are – my day to day work changes.

Further Degrees / Certifications

Professional Certificate in Leadership
Western Continuing Studies, London, ON