Learning Skills Services can help you learn a variety of scholastic skills, including time management, study strategies, information organization techniques, exam preparation, and much more. These services are available for all current King's students. Individual appointments with a learning skills strategist, sessions with peer learning coaches, and exam prep workshops are available to assist you in achieving your academic goals.

Who can use Learning Skills Services
  • Ex #1: Vanessa, a first-year student, is feeling overwhelmed with her full course load as final assignments and exam season is approaching.She is particularly struggling with a final assignment worth 40% and doesn’t know where to begin. She makes an appointment to meet with the Learning Skills Strategist and together they form a plan of how Vanessa is going to tackle the task.Vanessa feels more confident in her abilities to do well on the assignment after the plan is formed.
  • Ex #2: Taranjeet, a third-year student is finding it hard to stay organized and motivated to complete his assignments successfully and on time this semester.He is involved in a lot of extracurricular activities and is finding it difficult to get everything done.He makes an appointment to meet with the Learning Skills Specialist and together they work through his priorities and how to fit everything in. After the appointment, Taranjeet is feeling less stressed and more motivated to check off his “to-do” list each day.
  • Ex #3: Paula, a mature student returning to education, is entering her first year at King’s. She is enrolled in a seminar class that requires her to do a solo presentation on a topic of interest to her as it aligns with the course outline. She is overwhelmed at the thought of this and does not know where to begin. She makes an appointment with the Learning Skills Strategist. She explains her main concerns are nervousness about speaking in front of her classmates and using technology that is new to her. Together, they explore some strategies that can help Paula become a more confident public speaker, and the Strategist supplies her with tools that can assist her in using a presentation software. Paula presents a short while later and is satisfied with her performance.
  • Ex #4: Taylor is a second-year student who is in a program that often has multiple choice exam formats. In first year, Taylor thrived on their short answer and essay type exams but didn’t do so well on the multiple-choice sections. To be proactive about their grades this year, they made an appointment with the Learning Skills Strategist to inquire if there was anything they could do to improve their multiple-choice test taking skills. The strategist supplied Taylor with some exercises and tips about studying for multiple choice exams that left them feeling more confident and prepared for their exams.

To schedule an appointment with our Learning Skills Strategist:

new students

Step #1

Complete the Registration Form.  You will be asked to log-in using your Western username and password.

Step #2

Once you have submitted your registration form, you will need to schedule your initial appointment.  You can do this one of the following ways:

  • Complete the online Appointment Request Form.  We will email your Western email with your appointment date and time.
  • Call our office at 519-433-3491 ext. 7800
  • Stop by Wemple Room 151
returning students

If you would like to schedule a follow up appointment with the Learning Skills Strategist, you can do so one of the following ways: