• London Poverty Research Centre

    In December 2013 the London Community Foundation awarded an Insight Grant to a group of community leaders interested in establishing a Centre for the study of poverty in London Ontario.

  • Centre of Deaf Education and Accessibility Forum With the committed support from King’s University College at Western University, CDEAF is dedicated to the advancement and dissemination of knowledge related to mental health and deafness.
  • Centre for Social Concern

    The Centre for Social Concern was established in 1982 and is engaged in research and public awareness around a variety of issues of social justice and peace here in Canada and internationally.

  • Centre for Jewish, Catholic, Muslim Learning

    In May 2004 Rabbi Larry Lander and Father Murray Watson submitted a proposal for the creation of a centre fore Jewish-Catholic education to the Principal Chaplain of King’s University College out of a perceived need for a forum and resource centre for expanding the existing relationship between Jews and Catholics in London, Ontario. 

  • Centre for Education about Grief and Bereavement King's University College has had an effective Death Education Program since 1976. More than 4,000 students have taken our university courses in Death and Bereavement.
  • Centre for Creativity

    The Centre for Studies in Creativity with its roots in the Department of Psychology has evolved into the interdisciplinary Centre for Creativity. The Centre supports and encourages creative endeavours in all areas of the arts and across diverse disciplines and cultures.

  • Centre for Advanced Research in European Philosophy CAREP is a unique intellectual centre in Canada. It promotes the advanced research of current developments in European philosophy with the intention of bringing these to bear on research carried out in Canadian and North American contexts.
  • Centre for Advanced Research in Catholic Thought The Centre for Advanced Research in Catholic Thought has as its mission the promotion of critical research in constructive theology and related areas, including biblical studies, hermeneutics, and ethics.