About the Hugh Mellon Excellence in Research Award

The Hugh Mellon Excellence in Research Award was established in 2015 in honour of Dr. Hugh Patrick Mellon (1956-2014), who taught Political Science for more than 20 years at King’s University College at Western University.

A strong and consistent advocate for research excellence at King’s, Dr. Mellon is remembered for his avid academic engagement, commitment to the pursuit and sharing of knowledge, and willingness to ever renew his research through innovative partnerships.

The Hugh Mellon Excellence in Research Award recognizes a faculty member at King’s whose scholarly work reflects the spirit of Dr. Mellon and who has earned distinction for the outstanding characteristics and significance of their research. The award acknowledges scholars in various stages of their professional lives.

Criteria for the Award

Nominees must hold a tenured or tenure-track appointment at King’s and provide clear evidence of outstanding achievement in research and scholarship.

The following criteria will structure the adjudication committee’s definition of Excellence:

  1. Quality of scholarly production as measured by peer-reviewed publications, or its impact on policy;
  2. National and/or international recognition of the research;
  3. The influence and the impact of the research upon the field and related scholarship;
  4. The innovation and originality of the research;
  5. The impact of the work on the discipline in relation to the stage of the researcher’s career;
  6. Demonstration of exceptional promise for early career researchers;
  7. Sustained production of research;
  8. Dissemination and communication of research productivity through conferences and workshops;
  9. Mentorship and leadership in research excellence;
  10. Recognition of Research Excellence through external funding received from the Tri-Agencies (SSHRC, CIHR, and NSERC) and other funding sponsors;
  11. Participation in national and international research networks and collaboration.

Nomination Process and Deadlines

Nominations are closed.

Nomination packages must include the following:

  1. A one-page letter of nomination providing rationale for why the nominee merits this award, signed by the nominator and including a minimum of two additional signatures in support of the nomination. Candidates may not nominate themselves. The nominator must be a King’s full-time faculty member. Additional signatories need not be affiliated with King’s.
  2. Relevant documentation that provides direct evidence in support of the nomination beyond documentation required from the nominee (see below).
  3. Upon receipt of the nomination packages, the Chair of the Research Activities Committee will contact nominees to congratulate them on their nomination and confirm the acceptance of nomination. If the nominee accepts, they will be asked to provide the following:
    • a cover letter (max. three pages) outlining outstanding achievements and evidence of excellence in research and scholarship with reference to the criteria;
    • one external reviewer’s letter of support (signatories to the letter of nomination may not serve as external reviewer);
    • CV
    • evidence that demonstrates research, creativity or scholarship excellence.

Please submit the nomination package via OWL using this link.

Award Recipients