Elsi Angulo

I've experienced injustice and violence first hand, however studying SJPS broadened my perspective on international situations and conflicts.

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Elsi Angulo

BA Hons '11 Social Justice & Peace Studies

Current Career

Organization: Colombian Government

Title: Counselor of the Procurador General in Ethnic Affairs & Human Rights

Career Overview

I am a lawyer. My current job requires in-depth knowledge of ethnic and human rights issues. Based in Columbia, I advise on legal issues, specifically ethnic and human rights issues. I also work in the field with the ethnic communities, and I consult for governmental institutions regarding different issues that are related issues of justice for vulnerable ethnic. Now that Colombia is in the post-agreement after having made a peace agreement with the guerrilla FARC, my company works to fulfill the commitments made through the peace process, that should benefit the ethnic groups that were historically the most affected by the conflict and discrimination.

Further Degrees / Certifications

Fellowship Program for People of African Descent
UN - 2014

Posted: 2018