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Empower and enrich your personal and professional future through self-directed and creative education.

King’s Scholar is an exciting program for intellectually curious students who want to gain a deeper understanding of the historical, cultural, and political context of 21st century global dynamics.  The program features an integrated and interdisciplinary approach that engages students in experiential study of the ideas, cultures, structures and events that shape our world.

King’s Scholar is designed to complement ALL Honors programs, regardless of discipline. The program is intended as a personal and professional enrichment. 

King’s Scholar students may earn an extra, recognized designation of academic achievement and excellence for their Western transcript.

The module is comprised of three courses taken over two or three years:

Western Thought & Civilization

The benefits of this unique program:

  • small, seminar-based classes with like-minded students 
  • group dynamic encourages self-confidence and self-expression
  • close faculty mentoring and advising
  • field trips throughout the year to Stratford, Toronto
  • practical training in transferable professional skills such as public speaking, logical argument, research methodologies
  • attendance at concerts, the opera, art exhibits, Public Lectures
  • experiential learning through exposure to art and architecture
  • individual research projects designed by you, the student
  • the chance to discuss the great ideas, and events of the Western tradition
  • an intercultural education for the global workforce

To apply to the program, select King’s Scholar on your electronic Intent to Register form. All full-time students entering second or third year are eligible to apply for admission.

Students muST select BOTH “King’s Scholar” AND their Honors degree program on their Intent to Register form

Students must have an 80% cumulative average.

For further information, or to discuss the program directly with one of the faculty advisors or with a current King's Scholar student, please fill out the this form.

Our Award-Winning Faculty

  • Antonio Calcagno: Renaissance and Contemporary European Philosophy, (PhD, Guelph), Member of the College of the Royal Society of Canada
  •  John Heng: Bioethics, Philosophy of Science, Disability Studies (M.A. Toronto)
  • Claudia Clausius: English and Comparative Literature; Intellectual History; Art History (PhD, Toronto)
  • Coby Dowdell: Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century British Literature, Political Theory, Religion and Literature (PhD, Toronto)
  • Pietro Pirani: Political Theology; International Relations (PhD, Western)
  • Graham Broad: History of United States, Great Britain, Canada; conflict and culture studies (PhD, Western)
  • Mark Sholdice: 20th-century Canadian and US political history (PhD, Guelph)
  • R.A. Ventresca: Modern Europe; Church-State relations, (PhD, Toronto), Member of the College of the Royal Society of Canada
  • Katharina Clausius: Enlightenment opera and literature, music historiography, critical theory
    (PhD, University of Cambridge)

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