The faculty of the Social Justice and Peace Studies department is deeply concerned by the ongoing violence in Israel, Gaza and beyond. We are devastated by the violence exercised by Hamas on the people of Israel on October 7. Further, the unrelenting violent response to this tragedy, and its consequences for the people of Gaza and the West Bank, violates international law. We believe that self-defence does not extend to taking the lives of innocent civilians, on either side. Every day we see the impact that it has had on our students in our classrooms, on campus and on social media. Our university community is diverse, with many students who have roots in this region, and as a faculty, we are committed to support all of our students, faculty and families at this terrible time.

We stand in solidarity with those who call for an immediate cessation of violence, the safe return of all hostages and the resumption of humanitarian assistance.

We implore the international community, including the government of Canada, and the UN, to call for an immediate ceasefire to allow for the pursuit of serious dialogue, negotiation and the establishment of a just framework for peacebuilding.

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Transform the World:
Justice, Peace, Action

As faculty of the Social Justice & Peace Studies (SJPS) department, we recognize the long and ongoing history of racism and colonialism across Turtle Island, and within university institutions, including our own. We recognize that racism and colonialism often make university classes unsafe, inaccessible, unfriendly, and unwelcoming to Indigenous and racialized students, leading to socio-economic deprivation and exacerbating mental health struggles. SJPS is therefore committed to anti-racism and creating a safe, inclusive environment for all students, in particular our students who are Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour, whose experiences of racism are not all the same but differ according to their social locations. Your voices, your experiences, your critical insight and your lives matter here. We agree with Ibram Kendi, Angela Davis, and many other racialized scholars, who have insisted that it is not enough to be non-racist, we must strive to be actively anti-racist. We are committed to the long process of dismantling systemic racism and improving the anti-racist content of our program and champion anti-racist efforts in the university as a whole.

The Social Justice and Peace Studies (SJPS) department has one of the only programs in Canada that combines the study and work of both justice and peace. This program critically examines the root causes of social injustice and violence in society, in our community and in the world. And it innovatively explores alternatives to injustice and violence by focusing on how to build peace and justice. It does this through rigorous academic training, combined with community-based learning and numerous optional experiential learning opportunities in the global community. SJPS is the hub at King’s University for engaged, social innovation and active learning in the creation of a more just and peaceful community and world.

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