Matthew Stradiotto

I am the English major who gets to lecture at Ivey. I am a big believer in a liberal arts degree.

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Matthew Stradiotto

BA Hons '94 English and Philosophy

Current Career

Organization: Matchstick

Title: Co-founder

Career Overview

I co-founded Matchstick, an independent digital marketing agency, in 2001. Our company works with global clients including Nokia, Blackberry, and Coca-Cola. I have a solid understanding of how businesses should use Facebook and Instagram to meet their marketing objectives.

I have worked in marketing and sales since earning my degree. I learned a lot about business post graduation. Marketing is driven by creativity. In my business, I am always open minded about where I can take a company. I have not been rigid in what an agency can be, and that has allowed our business to survive over the years. We worked with influencers early in the game who would generate impressions verbally, then we progressed to blogging influencers. For our clients today, we would develop a “Social Media Content Plan” which is a thorough overview of our plan for the year including budgets, platforms, content themes, brand voice, etc. We also embark on an audit of their category and their competitor’s activities in paid/organic social content.

Posted: 2018