Campus and Community Social Worker at King’s

What does the Campus and Community Social Worker do?

King's Campus and Community Social Worker helps King’s students navigate their issues. Everyone has concerns and problems sometimes, and at King’s we know that occasionally you may need someone to help you navigate systems, sort out who to talk to, or figure out life in a community. 

The Campus Social Worker can assist with referrals for students on King’s campus, as well as in the community. 

Some issues the Campus Social Worker can help you with:

  • coping with stress, transitions, and traumatic incidents through supportive referrals and navigating resources until we find what fits best
  • responding to gender-based violence
  • finding help with food insecurity, poverty, homelessness
  • connecting with medical care, finding a family doctor, etc.
  • navigating a return to campus after a hospitalization or other absence
  • navigating recent physical and mental health diagnoses
  • sorting out your 'next-best step' in any situation you are facing.

Our Campus Social Worker facilitates workshops and presentations for the King’s community. These workshops can focus on a number of issues and are developed along faculty or staff to create a workshop that fits what students need.

How to reach the Campus and Community Social Worker

You can reach King’s Campus Social Worker at or 519-518-3478 x 4734.

If you are a student, you can contact the Campus Social Worker directly, who will help you to walk through whatever you are needing supports with at this time. 

If you are a staff member or faculty member of the King’s community, you are welcome to contact the Campus Social Worker directly to refer a student or to have your own questions answered.