In May 2004, Rabbi Larry Lander and Father Murray Watson submitted a proposal for the creation of a centre for Jewish-Catholic education to the Principal Chaplain of King’s University College at Western University.  The proposal grew out of a perceived need for a forum and resource centre for expanding the existing relationship between Jews and Catholics in London, Ontario.  The Centre brought together theologians, philosophers, historians, social workers, political scientists, chemists, students and members of the business community.  The Centre was to foster and nurture the relationship through education, scholarship and community outreach.

That summer, King’s University College invited a small group of people including faculty members of the    college to review and discuss the proposal and to examine the viability of such a centre and the logistics required for its creation and development.

By the fall of the same year, the concept was ready to be presented to College Council, which approved, with qualifications, its creation and sent it to The Board of King’s University College which approved its creation.

On December 7, 2004 The Board of The Centre for Catholic-Jewish Learning met for the first time and appointed its first executive.  The executive met for the first time on December 14, 2004.

From 2004 onward, The Centre for Catholic-Jewish Learning continued to work toward fulfilling its mandate by way of interfaith programming, the scope of which has expanded every year.

In late 2010, The Board of Directors of The Centre for Jewish-Catholic-Muslim Learning voted unanimously to petition College Council for a new name—a name that would reflect the reality of its work and which would fulfill the original mandate given by the Centre to College Council at its original inception.  In April 2010, by unanimous approval, College Council officially mandated the creation of the new Centre for Jewish-Catholic-Muslim Learning.  On May 1, 2010 the new Centre was officially created.

Some of the Centre’s programs include an annual lecture that is part of The Office of Campus Ministry’s Religious Life Lecture Series, an annual Passover Seder Meal, an annual Abrahamic Roadtrip to local places of Jewish, Christian and Muslim worship, and in January 2010, The Centre for Jewish-Catholic-Muslim Learning initiated the first ever observance of Holocaust Education Week at King’s University College.

Since 2016, the Centre has expanded to work with initiatives within the Diocese of London.  These initiatives are both ecumenical and interreligious in nature.

In addition to these, we are the proud sponsors of the London Peace Camp and a number of lectures which seek to create bridges between the descendants of Abraham.