Welcome to our Centre and thank you for your interest! We hope that the materials on our site will be of interest to you and will help you to appreciate and participate in the ongoing progress happening in this field, and the hope it holds for building a world in which all of the great religions and wisdom traditions of humanity can work hand in hand for the good of all people by furthering a greater justice, peace and harmony.

We believe that one of the best ways to foster “interreligious learning” is through authentic dialogue. This is the reason for the Centre’s new name, the Centre for Interreligious Learning and Dialogue (CILD). This change was approved by the King’s College Council in February 2022.

In its previous incarnation, as the Centre for Jewish-Catholic-Muslim Learning (CJCML), our activity was focused on the three Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam). The renamed Centre’s scope of activity has been extended to include not only the Abrahamic religious traditions but all religious traditions, particularly those that are represented at King’s and in the wider local community. The word “interreligious” also suggests that the Centre will endeavour not only to study individual religious traditions but also explore theoretical and practical ways by which the various religious traditions (and even philosophies) can learn to live and learn together to build a truly just and peaceful world.

The Centre’s mandate includes the following goals:

  • To educate people about religions and spiritualities. This activity will be particularly directed to students, leaders, and teachers, within and outside the university community. The Centre will strive to enhance religious literacy and knowledge to enable more people to have a proper and deeper understanding and genuine appreciation of our rich religious heritages;
  • To further learning about various religious traditions by creating venues in which people of these faiths can represent themselves to others, thus reducing the sense of alienation often felt among adherents of different religious traditions;
  • To promote further research about our various religious traditions and provide venues for the presentation of the fruits of such research. Members of the Department of Religious Studies at King’s will play a pivotal role in this.

In addition to these, we are the proud sponsors of the London Peace Camp and lectures that aim to build bridges between the descendants of Abraham.  

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