What is it?

The King’s Promise (KP) Program is a four-year co-curricular program that will guarantee students a meaningful job within six months of graduation. If this is not achieved, the student can return to King’s for one additional year of courses and campus-based support at no cost.

What constitutes a “meaningful” job? This means that the role is aligned with the skills, competencies, and aspirations the student has developed at King’s. It may or may not be directly related to the subject of their degree, but more importantly is related on the totality of their experience at King’s.

Throughout their four years of undergraduate study, students will complete co-curricular activities to support their career development, enhance pre-employment skills such as resume writing, engage in experiential learning opportunities, gain tangible workplace experience, and develop the language necessary to identify and articulate the value of transferrable skills and holistic personal development.

The King’s Promise Program will empower students to achieve their education, career, and life goals in line with King’s mission as “a Place to be and a Place to Become.”

Learning Outcomes:

Following completion of the four-year King’s Promise Program, students will be able to:

  • Become employed within 6 months of graduation
  • Effectively articulate the unique skills they bring to potential employers, and describe how transferrable skills developed at university can be applied within a job search
  • Develop career resiliency, adaptability, and an ability to take initiative
  • Develop and apply self-awareness and a growth mindset when planning for the future
  • Demonstrate strong interpersonal and communication skills in both academic and workplace environments
  • Demonstrate strong labour market awareness and pre-employment skills while job searching
  • Develop and apply strong planning, problem solving, and goal setting skills while moving through a four-year degree program and into the working world
  • Demonstrate diversity awareness and emotional intelligence

Why should I participate?

The King’s Promise Program will ensure students have access to a variety of important supports across all Western-affiliated campuses, and off campus as well. These include:

  • Career and Personal Counselling
  • International Student Immigration Advising and Support
  • Assistance with pre-employment skills (resume writing, interviewing)
  • Work Study, Co-op, Exchange, and Internship opportunities
  • Networking opportunities with King’s Alumni, the London Economic Development Corporation and the CityStudio Project
  • Mentor-mentee pairing through the King’s Academic Mentorship Program (KAMP)
  • Student leadership opportunities in clubs, residence, and Student Government (KSCSU)

After graduating, if you have not found meaningful employment within 6 months, you can return to King’s for up to one additional year at no cost, to complete further coursework and access campus-based support services.

Program Framework – Requirements by Year
(*please note this is subject to change)

How do I register and maintain enrollment?

To be eligible for the King’s Promise Program, you must:

  • Be enrolled in a 4-year degree program at King’s
  • Have NOT completed more than 5 credits at the time of registration in KP
  • Maintain an average of 70% or higher in your courses
  • Commit to completing a number of required activities per year

If you are interested in participating, please fill out the registration form online. If you have any questions about the program, please reach out to:

Jenny Richmond-Bravo
King’s Promise Developer / Experiential Learning Coordinator
Student Affairs
P. 519-433-3491 ext. 4722| P. 1-800-265-4406 | F. 519-963-1013
Email. ThePromise@Kings.uwo.ca