The new Student Choice Initiative Guidelines require post-secondary institutions to classify ancillary fees into two categories; mandatory and optional. This new policy requires that students must be given the option to opt-out of paying fees that are deemed non-essential by the Ministry. 

There are a number of valuable services classified as optional under the Student Choice Initiative which are supported by student fees that enhance the student experience.  These services and access to them may be impacted if students choose to opt out of the fees; however, there are many reasons why students may choose to opt out of a fee.  King's encourages students to read the information provided to them about each service and make informed choices before deciding whether to opt-out of a fee.

KUCSC encourages you to take a moment to watch this short video to demonstrate some of the services they provide to King's students 

At King’s, students are automatically charged all ancillary fees but have the opportunity to log into their student portal and opt-out of paying certain optional fees. Below is a listing of all ancillary fees; both mandatory and optional for your review. 

The opt-out portal will be available from July 15th to September 25th. Optional fees are non-refundable after September 30th (and January 30th for second term only students).  
The deadline to opt-out of Orientation Week for first year students is August 15th and is also found on your student portal. 
The opt-out process for the USC Health and Dental Plan is located on a different site and is also available until 11:30pm on September 25th.

To submit your opt-out request, click the red button below:

Go to student portal