Our Criminology program promotes multi-disciplinary research and instruction aimed at understanding the complex nature of crime, the criminal justice system, and issues related to social control and criminalization. Students will study a variety of issues within the criminal justice system, including law, law enforcement, penal policy, courts, corrections, violence, terrorism, and media representations of crime and justice. Within the Department of Sociology, King’s offers a Minor and Major in Criminology. 

For Ontario high school students a minimum 79% final entrance average is required. Averages are calculated on the top six 4U or 4M credits including English 4U.

College transfer students are required to have a minimum 2.7 GPA on an acceptable one-year certificate (General Arts and Sciences, Pre-Health Science, Human Services Foundation) or completed diploma. College transfer students may earn a maximum of five transfer credit. Individual courses must have a minimum achievement of 60% to be considered for transfer credit.

King’s projects a minimum 65% for admission for students transferring from another Canadian University. A maximum of ten transfer credit may be granted. Individual courses must have a minimum achievement of 60% to be considered for transfer credit.

Programs Offered

Sociology of Law, Deviance, Administration of Criminal Justice, Sociology of Corrections, Juvenile Delinquency, Youth in Conflict with the Law

Careers include law, journalism, policing and enforcement.

Approximate Costs

Fee details and schedules are available at www.kings.uwo.ca/fee-schedules/

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