2022 King’s Research Grant Recipients (Spring 2023 Round)


Project Title

Antwi-Boasiako, Kofi

Scoping review of disparities in child maltreatment reporting involving schools and the police

Arnold, Carrie

Death and Non-death Loss Experiences in Undergraduate Students in Canada*

Baird, Stephanie

Neuroscience Skills for Social Work: A Practice-based Workshop

Baruss, Imants

Consciousness Studies

Bendo, Daniella

Children as Changemakers: Engaging with Children in Community Settings

Bikos, Lesley

Exploring Students' Priorities for a Safer, Decolonizing, and Just Campus: Phase II*

Bohnet, Adam

Pak Toch'ang: Broker on the Margins of Eighteenth-century Seoul

Broad, Graham

Cataclysm: Canadians and the First World War

Bruno, Tara

Alternative Measures: Responding to Substance Use through Reflexive Biopsychosocial Education ONLINE CONTENT DEVELOPMENT PHASE*

Calcagno, Antonio

“Rethinking the Philosophical Possibility of New Beginnings with Rainer Schürmann”

Clausius, Claudia

1. Kokoschaka through Poetry, Music, and Painting: An Exhibit                                                                                  2. Imperial Culture in the Republican Press: National(ist) Icons in Interwar Austria

Csiernik, Richard

Practising Social Work Research: Case Studies for Learning, third edition

Dean, Jason

The Effect of “Perceived Gender” on Charitable Giving: Evidence from a Gender Swapping Experiment.

Ellis, Wendy

Parents. Teen and Technology: A Longitudinal Analysis of Adolescent Social Media Use and The Role of Parents

Fairbairn, Jordan

An intersectional feminist analysis of gender-based violence in media, policy, and practice

Frankel, Sam

Connected Learning - knowledge mobilisation

Grant, John

'From Social Pathology to Socialist Politics: A View of the Good Life'

Halberstam, Chaya

Trial Stories in Jewish Antiquity: Counternarratives of Justice

Hannah, Erin

She Trades: Gendering Global Trade Governance

Hutchinson, Lynda

Parenting in Support of Pre- and Early Adolescents' Self-Regulation In Virtual Contexts-2

Janczak, Sergio

A Cross-Country Analysis of Management Professor’s Role in Teaching Coaching

Kato, Julius-Kei

A Proposal for Meaning Systems and a Spirituality in a Secular Age

Katzman, Erika

Postsecondary Campus Accessibility Scoping Review

Larkin, Allyson

Pedagogies, Policies and Practices in the Context of the Climate Crisis.

Lofts, Stephen

Primary research for a book project titled: Cassirer and the Kyoto School: Towards a Philosophy of Culture and An Open Cosmopolitan

Lozanski, Kristin

Conditions, Capacities and Possibilities for Effective Support Services for Migrant Agricultural Workers: A Partnered Research Project

McLean, Lisa

Picturing Loss, Grief, and Resiliency with Yazidi Refugees in London, Ontario

Morrison, Mike

Exploring Social Identity & Political Attitudes

Mouroutsou, Georgia

Therapy for a Narcissist’s Hedonism? (A New Diagnosis for Dialectic Between Socrates and Callicles in the Gorgias)

Muller, Benjamin

A Genealogy of the National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA)

Murray, Lori

Generating Multiple Data Sets with Differing Significance


"This is where I do my work:" The political agency of women municipal councillors

Norton, Loretta

Establishing Neurophysiological Evidence for the Treatment of Brain Injury in Intensive Care Units

Notwell, Jess

Exploring Students' Priorities for a Safer, Decolonizing, and Just Campus: Phase II*

Pascal, Marie

De l'exclusion à l'abjection - Etude des lisières et des bas-fonds dans la
transcréartion québécoise

Penner, Marcie

Phase two of systematic review of equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) interventions for faculty

Preston, Jeffrey

Invalid Culture (S3) and Visual Pleasure documentary*

Rae, Ian

Unpublished Novel Manuscript: Kathleen and Robina Lizars

Rodrigues, Felipe

Prediction Models and Data Envelopment Analysis as a Tool for Continuous Improvement of Critical Care*

Rosen, Laura

Validation of a Canadian cannabis use motive scale*

Sanders, Jane

Exposure to adversity among students who have been disciplinarily excluded from school

Silva, Derek

The End of College Football continued

Smith, Carrie

King’s Community Support Centre: An Exploration of Community Impact and Social Work Student Experience*

Taiwo, Akin

Strategies for anti-Black racism pedagogy in social work education

Tian, Renfang

Statistical inference in observational studies: a systematic review and method development

Tourage, Mahdi

Radicalization of Western Converts to Islam and Home-Grown Terrorism

Vito, Rosemary

Evaluation of Group Supervision Training with CMHA TVAMHS (CMHA Thames Valley Addiction & Mental Health Services)*

Werstine, Paul

A New Variorum Edition of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

Wyman, Joshua

The development of best practice police interviewing guidelines to be used with older adult eyewitnesses.*

Zawilski, Valerie

The Power of Place: War-Nationalism, Performative Memory, and the Commemoration of the 80th Anniversary of the Pacification of the City of Lezajsk, Poland on May 28, 1943.


*Pending ethics review