Project Title

Lucy Hinton

Decolonizing Chocolate: Channelling Caribbean
Cocoa Efforts into Consumer Education in Canada*

McLean Lisa

Picturing Loss, Grief, and Resiliency with Yazidi Refugees in London, Ontario

Carrie Traher (Arnold)

Picturing Loss, Grief, and Resiliency in Yazidi refugees in London, Ontario

Laura  Melnyk Gribble

Canadians' Understanding of Criminally Responsibility*

Peter Donahue

Understanding the Impact of Phase 2 of the King's Community Support Centre

Josephine Gemson

The impact of COVID-19 on private equity investments

Kathleen Lyons

Exploring the relationships between executive functions and social cognition across late childhood and adolescents*

John Heng

‘From Ethics to Ethos: A Comprehensive Method for Clinical-Ethical Consultations in Health Care'

Srividya Natarajan

Critical Pedagogy, Multilingual Writing Instruction and Textbook Creation: Phase 2

Klaire Gain

Gendered Resistance to Extraction in the Dominican Republic: A Decolonial Ecofeminist Narrative Inquiry*

*Pending ethics review


Project Title

Antwi-Boasiako, Kofi

Scoping review of disparities in child maltreatment reporting involving schools and the police

Arnold, Carrie

Death and Non-death Loss Experiences in Undergraduate Students in Canada*

Baird, Stephanie

Neuroscience Skills for Social Work: A Practice-based Workshop

Baruss, Imants

Consciousness Studies

Bendo, Daniella

Children as Changemakers: Engaging with Children in Community Settings

Bikos, Lesley

Exploring Students' Priorities for a Safer, Decolonizing, and Just Campus: Phase II*

Bohnet, Adam

Pak Toch'ang: Broker on the Margins of Eighteenth-century Seoul

Broad, Graham

Cataclysm: Canadians and the First World War

Bruno, Tara

Alternative Measures: Responding to Substance Use through Reflexive Biopsychosocial Education ONLINE CONTENT DEVELOPMENT PHASE*

Calcagno, Antonio

“Rethinking the Philosophical Possibility of New Beginnings with Rainer Schürmann”

Clausius, Claudia

1. Kokoschaka through Poetry, Music, and Painting: An Exhibit
2. Imperial Culture in the Republican Press: National(ist) Icons in Interwar Austria

Csiernik, Richard

Practising Social Work Research: Case Studies for Learning, third edition

Dean, Jason

The Effect of “Perceived Gender” on Charitable Giving: Evidence from a Gender Swapping Experiment.

Ellis, Wendy

Parents. Teen and Technology: A Longitudinal Analysis of Adolescent Social Media Use and The Role of Parents

Fairbairn, Jordan

An intersectional feminist analysis of gender-based violence in media, policy, and practice

Frankel, Sam

Connected Learning - knowledge mobilisation

Grant, John

'From Social Pathology to Socialist Politics: A View of the Good Life'

Halberstam, Chaya

Trial Stories in Jewish Antiquity: Counternarratives of Justice

Hannah, Erin

She Trades: Gendering Global Trade Governance

Hutchinson, Lynda

Parenting in Support of Pre- and Early Adolescents' Self-Regulation In Virtual Contexts-2

Janczak, Sergio

A Cross-Country Analysis of Management Professor’s Role in Teaching Coaching

Kato, Julius-Kei

A Proposal for Meaning Systems and a Spirituality in a Secular Age

Katzman, Erika

Postsecondary Campus Accessibility Scoping Review

Larkin, Allyson

Pedagogies, Policies and Practices in the Context of the Climate Crisis.

Lofts, Stephen

Primary research for a book project titled: Cassirer and the Kyoto School: Towards a Philosophy of Culture and An Open Cosmopolitan

Lozanski, Kristin

Conditions, Capacities and Possibilities for Effective Support Services for Migrant Agricultural Workers: A Partnered Research Project

McLean, Lisa

Picturing Loss, Grief, and Resiliency with Yazidi Refugees in London, Ontario

Morrison, Mike

Exploring Social Identity & Political Attitudes

Mouroutsou, Georgia

Therapy for a Narcissist’s Hedonism? (A New Diagnosis for Dialectic Between Socrates and Callicles in the Gorgias)

Muller, Benjamin

A Genealogy of the National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA)

Murray, Lori

Generating Multiple Data Sets with Differing Significance


"This is where I do my work:" The political agency of women municipal councillors

Norton, Loretta

Establishing Neurophysiological Evidence for the Treatment of Brain Injury in Intensive Care Units

Notwell, Jess

Exploring Students' Priorities for a Safer, Decolonizing, and Just Campus: Phase II*

Pascal, Marie

De l'exclusion à l'abjection - Etude des lisières et des bas-fonds dans la
transcréartion québécoise

Penner, Marcie

Phase two of systematic review of equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) interventions for faculty

Preston, Jeffrey

Invalid Culture (S3) and Visual Pleasure documentary*

Rae, Ian

Unpublished Novel Manuscript: Kathleen and Robina Lizars

Rodrigues, Felipe

Prediction Models and Data Envelopment Analysis as a Tool for Continuous Improvement of Critical Care*

Rosen, Laura

Validation of a Canadian cannabis use motive scale*

Sanders, Jane

Exposure to adversity among students who have been disciplinarily excluded from school

Silva, Derek

The End of College Football continued

Smith, Carrie

King’s Community Support Centre: An Exploration of Community Impact and Social Work Student Experience*

Taiwo, Akin

Strategies for anti-Black racism pedagogy in social work education

Tian, Renfang

Statistical inference in observational studies: a systematic review and method development

Tourage, Mahdi

Radicalization of Western Converts to Islam and Home-Grown Terrorism

Vito, Rosemary

Evaluation of Group Supervision Training with CMHA TVAMHS (CMHA Thames Valley Addiction & Mental Health Services)*

Werstine, Paul

A New Variorum Edition of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

Wyman, Joshua

The development of best practice police interviewing guidelines to be used with older adult eyewitnesses.*

Zawilski, Valerie

The Power of Place: War-Nationalism, Performative Memory, and the Commemoration of the 80th Anniversary of the Pacification of the City of Lezajsk, Poland on May 28, 1943.