2021 King’s Research Grant Recipients (Spring 2021 Round)


Title of Study

Arnold, Carrie

International Handbook of Child and Adolescent Losses in Contemporary Context

Baird, Stephanie

Sustaining Skills of Critical Reflection on Practice in Agency Contexts

Baruss, Imants

Consciousness Studies

Bendo, Daniella

Evaluating Protections in the Youth Criminal Justice Act in Relation to Justice Involved Youth with Disabilities: A Pilot Project

Broad, Graham

In the Fellowship of Famous Knight

Calcagno, Tony

Political Impasse, Edith Stein, and Hedwig Conrad-Martius

Clausius, Claudia

Weimar 20/20: The Glamour of the Empty Centre.

Csiernik, Richard

Examining Different Approaches to Providing Social Work Services to the Ontario Christian High School System

Frankel, Sam

Extending the conversation - a knowledge transfer project connecting the voices of children and adults.

Gemson, Josephine

Private Equity Financing of Infrastructure and Real Estate

Halberstam, Chaya

Monograph Preparation: Trial Narratives in Jewish Antiquity

Hannah, Erin

She Trades: Gendering Global Trade Governance

Hurley, Dermot

Resilience Informed Community Mental Health Programs in Argentina following Deinstitutionalization

Hutchinson, Lynda

Understanding Parent Factors Associated With The Development of Young
Children's Basic and Higher-Order Self-Regulatory Processes

Janczak, Sergio

Promoting Regional Development through Female Entrepreneurship: A Brazilian Case

Jeffrey, Jennifer

How gender shapes affiliation motives in consumer-celebrity relationships

Kato, Julius-Kei

Continuing to write monograph on Bible reading and interpretation and continuing research on Spiritual but not Religious phenomenon

Katzman, Erika

Introducing Disability Studies: A Health Professional Textbook

Kerr, Don

Fertility differences across metropolitan areas, mid sized cities, and small town/rural Canada.

Larkin, Larkin

This research explores the impact of COVID-19 on international partners engaged in experiential learning programs with Canadian universities

Lavrence, Christine

Unpacking the YouTube Unboxing video

Lawlor, Andrea

Public Opinion toward Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Canada

Lofts, Steve

Ernst Cassirer and the Kyoto School: The Construction of an Open Cosmopolitanism for a Global World

Lozanski, Kristin

Jamaican Migrant Workers, The Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program (SAWP), and Food Injustice

Mantulak, Andrew

Social Work Practicum in the Age of Co-Vid 19: Phase III London Middlesex Housing Corporation Service User Interviews

Michalski, Joseph

Terrorism as a Form of Lethal Moralism: An Innovative Analysis of the Global Terrorism Database

Morrison, Michael

Subjective Well-Being, Personality and Perspectives on COVID-19

Mouroutsou, Georgia

Plato's Concept of Irony in the Symposium

Muller, Benjamin

Borderland Imaginaries in 19th Century Dime Novels

Murray, Lori

The development of data smoothing techniques

Norton, Loretta

Understanding Cognitive Function and Psycho-Social Adaptations in Traumatic Brain Injury.

Penner, Marcie

Neural overlap between finger and number representation.

Rae, Ian

John Davis Barnett and Canadian Literature


Deliberation in Bioethics

Rodrigues, Felipe

Relative Efficiency of Intensive Care Units Ontario: Performance Prediction Models and Data Envelopment Analysis and a Tool for Continuous Improvement of Critical Care.

Roney, Chris

Psychological Aspects of Gender Identification

Ryan, Patrick

Childhood and the Law in Canada

Sanders, Jane

Exposure to adversity among students who have been disciplinarily excluded from school

Sethi, Bharti

Informing the Standard’s Cultural Competency: Caregiving Experiences of Immigrants and Indigenous Caregiving- Employees   Building Capacity: Scholars at the Margins of the Academy

Shore, Megan

When the Heart Stops: Bystander Perceptions of an Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest

Smith Carrier, Tracy

Myth or Reality? Exploring parent-child intergenerational income assistance use in Ontario, Canada

Soulodre-La France, Renée

The Atlantic World Becomes Pacific: 'Atlantic' Creoles in the Spanish and British Empires.

Taiwo, Akin

Moving Beyond the Rhetoric of Social Justice: Theorizing Anti-Black Racism Perspective for Social Work Education and Practice

Tieku, Thomas

Informal international politics in the United Nations system

Ventresca, Robert

Jewish Child Survivors and Displaced Children: Religious Diplomacy and Humanitarianism in Post-Conflict Reconstruction

Vito, Rosemary

Leadership Training during the Pandemic and Organizational Integration

Yeager, Matthew

Securities Fraud in Canada: An Examination of White-Collar Crime

Zawilski, Valerie

"Faith, Hope and Courage: Passive Resistance in a "Working Ghetto" in Lodz, Poland 1941-1944"