Here are some tips to help you find your destination at King’s. 

Here is a list of the acronyms often used in room designations: 

  • BH – Broughdale Hall 
  • CCL – Cardinal Carter Library 
  • DL – Dante Lenardon Hall 
  • FB – Faculty Building 
  • KC – Darryl J. King Student Life Centre (also referred to as the SLC)
  • KM – King's Modular Building
  • LH – Elizabeth A. “Bessie” Labatt Hall 
  • SA – South Annex 
  • W – Monsignor Wemple Hall
  • The first number in the room code tells you what floor it is on. For example, KC113 is on the main (first) floor, while the first zero in room KC003 means it is in the basement. 
  • You can visit Reception, on the main level in Wemple, to get help finding a location. 
  • Visit Campus maps for campus, building and residence maps.