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Why Study French at University?

French is the first language of about a quarter of Canada’s population. While the majority of these francophones live in Québec, substantial French-speaking minorities can be found in other provinces, such as New Brunswick (a third of the population) and Ontario (half a million Franco-Ontarians). Given this demographic situation, proficiency in Canada’s two official languages, French and English, is an undeniable asset in today’s job market.

University students today know that the world awaiting them after graduation is much different from the world of their parents’ generation. Globalization, downsizing and rapid technological change have radically altered the career landscape. Faced with these challenges, students are perhaps more concerned now than ever about making the right choices in their education. One of these choices is French at the university level. If you are looking for an exciting, varied and challenging programme allowing you to combine literature with language, consider a programme in French. If your main interests lie elsewhere, you can easily add French as a valuable component to your degree.

What French course should I take?

King’s offers a wide range of courses from beginners to advanced levels in language, literature, and translation. In order to help you correctly choose your French course, we offer the following as a guide:

If you have completed:
  • 12U French → French 1910
  • 11U French → French 1010
If you have never studied French, or have 
  • less than 11U French → French 1002

You must contact the French Studies Coordinator for appropriate placement if you have demonstrably higher ability or have done the prerequisite course more than three years ago or if your experience falls outside of the categories above.

French Studies CoordinatorDr. Susan Small

Meet Our Students

In the fall, I will be starting my fourth year of a double major in Catholic Studies for Teachers and French Language and Literature.  These two programs make a great combination because you are able to study such an incredible language, as well as learn how to teach it in a classroom. French has always been one of my favourite subjects and it is incredible that I can pursue my passion for teaching as well as my passion for the French language and culture.  I have been able to work in a French classroom through the Catholic Studies for Teachers program, enabling me to see the benefits of both programs together.

(image:Meaghan Wuytenburg)

Meaghan WuytenburgDouble Major: French Language and Literature / Catholic Studies for Teachers

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