Beginner Spanish (Span 1030) at King's is a language course that targets four skills – speaking, reading, listening and writing – through in-class and fully integrated web-based practice. The course will help students communicate in basic Spanish and attracts students in the Social Work and Social Justice & Peace Studies programs as well as those in Business programs. This is an ideal course for those considering travel to a Spanish-speaking country or people wanting to gain another language skill.

Spanish is a great language to learn since it is the second-most-spoken language in the world after Mandarin. Beyond the use of Spanish in Mexico, which is part of the CUSMA accord, King's students have used this skill in Spanish-speaking countries, performing missionary, social work and international aid work abroad.

By the end of the course students can participate in conversations about what they need or what they have done. They can understand conversations about familiar, everyday topics, and can follow and give simple instructions. They can ask questions in full sentences, and write short notes and messages discussing future plans and personal experiences. They can read short texts and find out what a new word means from the context. This course gives you a basic foundation in Spanish and prepares you to explore further this fascinating language and its cultures.