Find design guidelines for VBBs below.

All visible fields are required. Events can be set to run for a maximum of three (3) weeks.

Max upload size 2Mb. \ Resize images to fit 945 px x 540 px

Events can run for a MAX of 3 weeks

Video Bulletin Boards (VBBs)

Want to go paperless to promote your event? You can submit a posting for King’s video bulletin boards (VBB), which display digital posters across campus on TV screens. Communications approves all VBB requests and has the right to decline postings if they do not meet  AODA regulations or are not King’s related.

Your VBB image must be 945 pixels by 540 pixels. Keep in mind that readers have five to seven seconds to read a VBB. VBBs with too much text, text that is too close to the edges of the poster, or text that is too small or too difficult to read will be declined. You may be asked to redesign your poster or you can ask Communications for assistance and submit your post again.

VBB design tips and requirements

The free version of Canva offers a wide range of templates to help users create visually appealing designs. To create a customized VBB design in Canva:

  1. Click “Create a design” and select “Custom size.”
  2. Type in 945 px (width) by 540 px (height) and click “Create new design.”
  3. In the toolbar on the left side select “Design” at the top. This will give you access to a variety of templates you can use. Use the search bar to find a design that fits your event or announcement. Use keywords that relate to your event (event promotion, seminar poster, school event, webinar, fundraiser, etc.).
  4. Edit the content and elements of the design and insert applicable information.
  5. When the design is complete, select JPEG to export the design as an image file.

Submit your VBB. Images must be 945 pixels x 540 pixels or they will not be approved. The maximum file size is 2MB. VBB posts can run for a maximum of three weeks.