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What is Human Rights Studies?

Human rights are predicated upon the belief that every human being deserves to be treated with equal dignity, and that every person has inherent value. But how do we move towards these goals? In this collaborative, interdisciplinary degree program, you will investigate how we fulfill these ideals, but also how we fail to do so in different times and places.

In acknowledging human rights, their power and their fragility, we become fully human. You will gain a critical understanding of, and experience in, the growing field of human rights. You’ll examine how different groups have understood and fought for expanded rights protection throughout history. You’ll learn about and critique the effectiveness of legal, diplomatic and political frameworks that have been employed to protect these rights.

At the end of your studies, you’ll have the intellectual and practical skills you need to explore, understand, and act to encourage the equal granting of all human beings the status and the rights they warrant. Your experiences in studying Human Rights at King’s will prepare you to recognize and understand the variety of rights violations you will encounter throughout your lifetime. As an educator, a law enforcement officer, a politician, a policymaker, a lawyer, an artist or a healthcare worker, your ability to fulfill your mandate in all areas of service to humanity will be enhanced by the knowledge, skills, and experience you have acquired in this important area of study.

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