Cynthia Harrison

King's helped me fine-tune exactly the area I was interested in and supported me in my exploration of it.

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Cynthia Harrison

BSW '16, MSW '17

Current Career

Organization: Private Practice  

Title: Clinical Social Worker

Career Overview

I am in the process of setting up my own private practice. For first responders there is a cumulative weight that comes from their work. Everything seems OK for a while and suddenly there comes this breaking point. There needs to be support along the way that helps build resiliency. These workers give a great deal of themselves and are put in dangerous situations. I think it’s important to be able to replenish in a way that doesn’t make you seem weak.

Being able to access supports that don’t infuse the stigma around mental health is so important. This is part of my goal; to get rid of the stigma while offering supports to first responders. I am planning to have wellness workshops open to the community in London. Things like drumming and laughter clubs and creative expression. People who are going through grief, bereavement and trauma don’t even know what they want to express verbally. When you are expressing through arts, like poetry, journaling, and mindful movement - it helps you to access those feelings and be better able to reflect on those things on your own or be able to come to the point where you can seek help.

Posted: 2018