Most of us assume that our social, political and everyday worlds and attitudes are simply what we inherit, either from our genetic constitutions or our socio-economic, material situations. Philosophy, on the contrary, teaches us that human beings largely fashion our lives and worlds by the choices we make, the words and concepts we employ, the thoughts and perceptions we generate, and how we interact and interrelate with others.

The philosophy program at King’s offers you the opportunity to follow a general stream of study with the possibilities of focusing on world philosophies and cultures and/or social and political thought. Committed to humanist and personalist models of teaching, our classes will help you develop critical reasoning skills, sustained thinking and reading abilities, sound argumentation, and, above all, philosophical capacities for reflection and insight. The unique foundation year in philosophy for all majors and specialists not only gives you an enhanced basic training in philosophy but also helps you participate in and form unique study and philosophy communities.

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