King’s is committed to being a place where you can Be. Become. And Belong. Our Be. Become. Belong. series was created to make your transition to post-secondary as smooth as possible.  

The Be. Become. Belong series is a collaborative program with multiple departments at King’s who are focused on helping you succeed. The programming and resources give you have the tools to help you succeed in your first year of studies at King’s and beyond. The series is focused on preparing you for your transition to university as well as provide support during your first year and beyond.  

We invite both first-year and returning students to explore all the series has to offer.  

  • A Place To... Transition to University A Place To... Transition to University

    Begin your journey at King’s by building connections, learning about King's supports and services, and getting important program-related information.

  • A Place To... Start A Place To... Start

    Designed to help you prepare for your classes by identifying personal strengths and learning skills.

  • A Place To... Arrive A Place To... Arrive

    Learn how to effectively interact with King’s faculty, staff, and community members. Cultivate a sense of community through student engagement opportunities and orientation events.

  • A Place To... Connect A Place To... Connect

    Discover the best of both worlds with all King’s has to offer as well as what’s available to you in the larger Western and local community. Learn how to apply strategies for student success in both an academic and work setting.

  • A Place To... Learn A Place To... Learn

    Strengthen required academic skills and learn impactful learning strategies.

  • A Place To... Succeed A Place To... Succeed

    Access available resources and support to navigate career paths and hone professional skills.