Campus Ministry is here for you!  Our diverse and professional team works hard to build and nurture a community where all people are welcomed, included and respected.  People of all faith traditions will find here a safe place where they can learn from each other through dialogue. Rooted in the best of our Catholic heritage, we are committed to the care of the whole person—mind, body, and spirit!  This is a place where every person can flourish.

Of course, if you are looking for prayer, retreats, or mass on campus, we have that.  You’ll also discover the joy of eating together, de-stressing or meeting new people though activities like tie-dying and crafts, going on a day trip to reconnect with nature, or connecting with other students at a pub!  Take in a world-class lecture. Join with others to seek a more just world. Volunteer to gain resume-worthy experience.  Be part of a choir! 

Campus Ministry is about accompanying you on your path.  Let’s see where it leads!


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