Effective September 1, 2022, admission to the Certificate in Critical Security Studies be discontinued at King's University College. Students currently enrolled prior to September 1, 2022 will be permitted to continue with the understanding that they must complete the requirements prior to September 2025, and, effective September 1, 2025, the Certificate be withdrawn and all registration discontinued.

Overlapping Courses Between Sociology Modules

Students enrolled in a Major in Sociology and a Major in Criminology may overlap 1.0 course: Sociology 2205A/B Statistics for Sociology and Sociology 2206A/B Research Methods in Sociology to fulfill the statistics and methodology requirements for both majors.

Sociology 2240E Survey of Sociological Theory or Sociology 2270A/B Foundations of Social Theory and Sociology 2271A/B Survey of Contemporary Theory, however, will be counted as fulfilling the requirements of one of these two modules; for the other major students must take an additional 1.0 Sociology course at the 2200-level.

The Department does not permit any course overlap between a Minor module offered by the Department of Sociology and any other module offered by the Department (i.e., Honours Specialization in Sociology and Minor in Criminology).

Note: Three-Year Bachelor degrees allow a maximum of 9.0 courses in one subject area. Some modular combinations when taken exclusively through the Department of Sociology, may exceed this maximum, e.g., Major in Sociology + Minor in Criminology. Please consult the Department for further information.

Note: Programs may change from year to year.