Overlapping Courses Between Sociology Modules

Students enrolled in a Major in Sociology and a Major in Criminology may overlap 1.0 course: Sociology 2205A/B Statistics for Sociology and Sociology 2206A/B Research Methods in Sociology to fulfill the statistics and methodology requirements for both majors.

Sociology 2240E Survey of Sociological Theory or Sociology 2270A/B Foundations of Social Theory and Sociology 2271A/B Survey of Contemporary Theory, however, will be counted as fulfilling the requirements of one of these two modules; for the other major students must take an additional 1.0 Sociology course at the 2200-level.

The Department does not permit any course overlap between a Minor module offered by the Department of Sociology and any other module offered by the Department (i.e., Honours Specialization in Sociology and Minor in Criminology).

Note: Three-Year Bachelor degrees allow a maximum of 9.0 courses in one subject area. Some modular combinations when taken exclusively through the Department of Sociology, may exceed this maximum, e.g., Major in Sociology + Minor in Criminology. Please consult the Department for further information.

Note: Programs may change from year to year.