What is Thanatology?

The Thanatology program offers a wide variety of courses including an overview of bereavement and grief, ethical issues, palliative care, suicide, children and death, spiritual and philosophical issues, change and transition, popular culture, grief and trauma, and diversity and social justice. In addition, the undergraduate program offers a practicum course which includes a 45-hour field placement, and a grief counselling course which involves experiential learning of basic counselling skills.

King’s University College is currently the only university in North America to offer the Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Thanatology. This unique program gives students several degree options in Thanatology with the option of combining a major or minor in a complementary subject (i.e., Childhood and Youth Studies, Social Justice and Peace Studies or Psychology). Our program further incorporates various teaching modalities including in-class instruction, blended learning and experiential learning. Although many of our courses are available through distance studies (online), it is not possible to complete an entire undergraduate degree from King's University College at Western University via distance studies/online learning.

What can I do with a Thanatology degree?

The Thanatology program at King’s offers 3 degree options:

  • Undergraduate Degree in Thanatology at King’s
  • Certificate in Loss, Grief and Bereavement*
  • Post-Degree Module**

*The Certificate in Loss, Grief and Bereavement can only be completed alongside an undergraduate degree program at King's
**You must have a completed undergraduate degree to enroll in the Post-Degree Module

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