Dr. Loretta Norton’s Cognitive Neuroscience Research Lab – Interested in consciousness and cognition following traumatic brain injury. Current research is examining longitudinal changes in cognition among subjects who have sustained a traumatic injury and sex differences in cognitive impairments following cardiac arrest. Dr. Norton uses a multi-modal approach to investigate these issues, with an emphasis on neuropsychological testing, EEG, and fMRI technology. For more information, please contact lnorton5@uwo.ca

Dr. Imants Barušs’ Consciousness Research Lab – Interested in the fundamental nature of consciousness and the practical applications of the knowledge gained from such research. Current investigations are focused on near-death experiences, transcendental states of consciousness, and death as an altered state of consciousness. For more information, please visit the lab website: http://baruss.ca/projects.htm or contact baruss@uwo.ca

Dr. Mike Morrison’s Social Cognition and Well-Being Research Lab – Interested in studying the factors that contribute to subjective well-being and life satisfaction, as well as political psychology, prejudicial attitudes, and stereotyping. Current research is examining the longitudinal effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on individuals’ attitudes and subjective well-being. For more information, please contact mmorr24@uwo.ca

Dr. Laura Rosen’s Behavioral Pharmacology Lab – Focused on studying individuals’ motivations for engaging in drug use, and how those motivations relate to the risk of developing substance use disorders and addictions. Current research is examining how the motivations for using different types of cannabis may predict the development of substance use disorders. For more information, please contact lrosen3@uwo.ca