About the King’s Research Excellence Fund

With an initial investment of $1 million, King’s University College at Western University established the Research Excellence Fund to support and enhance innovative, high-quality, and impactful research in the humanities and social sciences. The funds will be distributed at a rate of $60,000/year until funds are exhausted. 

The Research Excellence Fund will be used to recognize and expand the extraordinary contribution of King’s faculty to the advancement of knowledge. It represents King’s commitment to advancing “engagement in the open pursuit of truth and the discovery and sharing of knowledge in service to humanity” as outlined in King’s mission statement.

The Research Excellence Fund is administered by the King’s Research Activities Committee (RAC) and consists of two award programs: 

  • King’s Research Excellence Scholar Grants 
  • Three awards annually 
  • King’s Research Excellence Chairs 
  • Established Chair (awarded every three years) 
  • Early Career Chair (awarded every three years) 

Full program details are outlined in the King’s Research Excellence Fund Terms of Reference and Guidelines.

Questions about the Research Excellence Fund should be directed to research@kings.uwo.ca.

King’s Research Excellence Scholar Grants 

King’s Research Excellence Scholar Grants (KRESGs) recognize research programs that promote independent thinking, creative inquiry and add a human dimension to innovation, advancement, governance, and economic relations between communities and lands.  

KRESGs are awarded to faculty who demonstrate high potential for applying for external funding for further iterations of the project or other components of the researcher’s broader research program/interests. Applicants are encouraged to indicate in their proposal any other funding opportunities they plan on pursuing to continue the proposed research beyond the one-year term of this grant.

Value $10,000
Duration 1 year
Deadline Thursday, January 25, 2024 (11:55 p.m. ET)
Application instructions Apply on OWL

Three KRESGs will be awarded each year. 


Applicants should hold a full-time appointment at King’s from one of the following categories: 

  • Full-time Faculty
  • Faculty with multi-year Limited Term Appointment (LTAs)
  • If the LTA has an existing contract whose term extends into the next fiscal year, they are eligible to apply to the King’s Research Excellence Scholar Grant insofar as they will be a full-time faculty member during the one-year term of the grant.

King’s Research Excellence Chairs

The Research Excellence Chairs honour researchers at King’s who are recognized by their peers as established or emerging scholars in their field on a national or international scale. They provide long-term investments for programs of research, and chairholders will be invited to contribute back to King’s through leadership and mentorship initiatives.  

Value $15,000/year (totaling $45,000) 
Duration 3 years
Deadline Applications are closed; the deadline for the next round will be announced when it is set.
Application instructions Apply on OWL (Early Career only)

Research Excellence Chairs will be awarded every three years. The fund provides for two endowed chairs: Established and Early Career.


King's Research Excellence Chair – Early Career (KREC-EC)

  • Full-time faculty (tenure-track or tenured) at King’s. 
  • First independent research-related appointment does not exceed seven years plus time credited for eligible leaves. 
    Independent research-related appointments are any appointment that requires appointment of an Academic Supervisor (ex. postdoctoral position) does not qualify and will not be counted. 
    Eligible Leaves include any leaves approved by the applicant’s institution (King’s or otherwise), e.g., maternity, parental, adoption, medical, or bereavement leaves. 
  • Credits for eligible leaves = months on approved leave X 2

King's Research Excellence Chair – Established (KREC-E)

  • Full-time faculty (tenure-track or tenured) at King’s.  
  • To be competitive, applicants should have a strong record of: 
    • research impact (academic and/or social) 
    • consistent success in securing peer-reviewed publication, funding, or recognition (honours, awards, etc.). 

Adjudication and Merit Review

Applications for Research Excellence Chairs and Research Excellence Scholars Grants will be peer-reviewed and adjudicated by the RAC, or an adjudicating Subcommittee appointed by the RAC. 

The following criteria and scoring scheme are used to evaluate the applications:

  • The project has a clearly defined research question(s) and objectives.   
  • The proposal provides evidence of its originality and its potential to address a clearly defined gap, challenge, or need.   
  • The appropriateness of the theoretical approach and methodology.   
  • There is a clearly identified audience for the research outcomes to be disseminated through this project.   
  • The audience’s needs are clearly defined and supported by evidence.   
  • There are clearly defined outputs and there is evidence that the intended audience will be able to successfully use those outputs to advance change (academic or societal).   
  • There is evidence that the knowledge mobilization approach or framework is appropriate for the applicant’s discipline.  
  • The proposed student training and/or involvement is meaningful and directly contributes to attaining the project’s research and/or dissemination objectives.   
  • The research plan is clear, cohesive, and easy to understand.   
  • The proposed timeline is reasonable (neither too ambitious or too conservative) and realistic (can be completed in the time indicated).  
  • There is a clearly defined plan to proactively engage the audience.  
  • Budgeted expenditures comply with restrictions on eligible expenses for this competition.   
  • The researcher or research team provided evidence of expertise required to carry out planned research and/or dissemination activities.  
  • The researcher’s publication record confirms their ability to conduct the proposed research and dissemination activities.    
  • The researcher or research team has enough people to carry out the research and/or dissemination activities in the time planned.   
  • There is evidence of previous success on projects of this nature and/or scope.   
  • There is evidence that the applicant has already initiated the networks, relationships, or collaborations required to carry out the proposed research and/or dissemination activities (or can adequately establish them in the project’s timeframe).   
  • There is evidence of the applicant’s ability to provide successful, engaging, and meaningful student involvement in research and/or dissemination 

Regulations, policies, and related information 

All applicants and award holders must comply with King’s Research Excellence Fund’s Terms of Reference and Program Guidelines, research ethics (if required), and governing finance policies.


King’s Research Excellence Scholar Grants - $10,000/year for 1 year 

King’s Research Excellence Scholar Grants - $10,000/year for 1 year 
King’s Research Excellence Chair (Early Career) - $45,000 ($15k/year for 3 years) 
  • Dr. Daniella BendoAssistant Professor, Childhood and Youth Studies – “Child and Youth Involvement in Participatory Action Research Outputs: Engaging with Justice-Involved Young People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities” 

King’s Research Excellence Scholar Grants - $10,000/year for 1 year 
King’s Research Excellence Chair (Early Career) - $45,000 ($15k/year for 3 years) 
  • (Vacant) Dr. Bharati Sethi, Associate Professor, School of Social Work – “Experiences of Muslim Immigrant Parents of Children with Disabilities during the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Photovoice Study” 
King’s Research Excellence Chair (Established) – $45,000 ($15k/year for 3 years)