Dr. Carrie Arnold, Assistant Professor, Thanatology


The Grief and Loss Research Lab (aka The Loss Lab) will provide students with opportunities to critically reflect on thanatological research, to better understand the significance of research in this field, and to develop hands on skills.  The Lab will primarily focus on qualitative research and will undertake a variety of projects related to death and non-death losses, as well as the myriad ways that loss affects people at various life stages.

Thanatology is a recent field of study within academia, therefore the need for solid research and the integration of theory and praxis is highly relevant. The Thanatology program at King’s is well poised to make significant contributions in this area of inquiry given the breadth of courses offered, the highly skilled faculty, and the dedicated students in the program.


Currently, the areas of interest include Medical Assistance in Dying, bereaved university students, and creative interventions for those who are bereaved. Collectively, participants in The Loss Lab will review current research and identify gaps in the literature in order to apply, and extend, existing knowledge regarding both theory and clinical application.


The Loss Lab will be a collaborative learning space characterized by critical thinking, open mindedness, and the mutual sharing of ideas that will benefit each person, and the Lab as a whole.

Lab meetings will be held on the second and fourth Thursday of each month, from 3:00 – 4:00. Each meeting will involve assigned readings that will be discussed, along with a focus on contemporary issues that are relevant to those in the Lab.

Activities can also include direct involvement in research projects, contributing to publications, being a Research Assistant, or being supervised while completing an honors thesis.


Thanatology students interested in the Loss Lab are welcome to contact Dr. Carrie Arnold at losslab@kings.uwo.ca