Soc 3351G - American Borders and Borderlands (Spring 2021)

This course will introduce students to the field of Borders and Borderlands Studies. Students will examine the history, politics, culture and socio-economic conditions of the Sonoran borderlands, located in the US Southwest, and consider a range of past and present issues and challenges that are both distinct to the certain regions, but also part of global/local constellations of borders and borderlands. Our analysis focuses on three interrelated research clusters: cultural, media and literary studies; indigenous knowledge, migration, technology and society; and, cross-disciplinary regional comparative studies. The course normally involves an experiential learning trip to Tucson, AZ (USA), and Nogales, Sonora (Mexico). Due to COVID-19 and related university and government regulations, this trip will not be possible. In lieu of this, we will have virtual engagements with stakeholders and various organizations from the Sonoran borderlands, and if conditions allow, brief experiential excursions to local borders and borderlands.


Contact Dr. Benjamin Muller or Dr. Derek Silva