Experiential learning takes your education beyond the classroom. Experiential learning gives you practical, hands-on opportunities to apply your knowledge, strengthen your skills, and collaborate with your communities. These Sociology courses include research projects, discussions with special guests, or outings into the community, among other learning methods. Through active reflection, Experiential Learning helps you develop awareness of your own skills and competencies, along with the language needed to articulate how you have grown and developed through the process.

  • Sociology 2108F Decolonizing Social Science
  • Sociology 2294 (Summer 2024): Land-based Learning: Water is Life
  • Sociology 2294 (F/W 2024-25): Another World is Possible
  • Sociology 3306A/B Investigating the Social World: Quantitative Methods
  • Sociology 3390F Decolonization I
  • Sociology 3391G Decolonization II
  • Sociology 4485F Selected Topic: Committing Sociology

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