Certificate in Loss, Grief and Bereavement Studies

An innovative Certificate program offering professionals and lay persons an opportunity to explore cultural, social, and personal aspects of loss, death, dying, and grief; to gain knowledge and experience in providing support for those who experience significant losses, individuals who are terminally ill, and those who experience grief, and to examine relevant legal, ethical, and social issues. The program emphasizes an interdisciplinary approach to the exploration of loss and grief, with an emphasis on effective support and collaboration with community-based services. Many of the courses in this program will be offered online or in mixed-methods teaching models. The Certificate in Loss, Grief, and Bereavement Studies replaces the former Certificate in Grief and Bereavement Studies offered through Western's Centre for Continuing Studies.

Academic standing is retained for the degree-credit courses completed in a certificate program. Students currently enrolled in an undergraduate program, may pursue the Certificate concurrently with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Courses for the Certificate taken concurrently with a Thanatology module may count for both.

Program Requirements:

To qualify for the Certificate in Loss, Grief and Bereavement Studies, students must achieve an overall average of 65% in the following 5.0 courses:

2.5 courses: Thanatology 1025A/B, Thanatology 2225A/B (or the former Thanatology 2200), Thanatology 2230A/B, Thanatology 2231A/B, Thanatology 3360A/B.
2.0 courses from: Thanatology 2602A/B, Thanatology 2605A/B, Thanatology 3601A/B, Thanatology 3603A/B, Thanatology 3606A/B, Thanatology 3607A/B.
0.5 course from: Thanatology 2232A/B, Thanatology 2233A/B, Thanatology 2234A/B, Thanatology 2235A/B, Thanatology 3320A/B, Thanatology 3321A/B, Thanatology 3322A/B, Thanatology 3323A/B, Thanatology 3355A/B, Sociology 2245.

The Certificate must be completed within 5 years.

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