Summer Term 

Tuition and compulsory fees are charged on a per course basis during the summer term.  Refund rates are determined according to the date of withdrawal.  All refunds are applied to student fee accounts.  Refunds are first applied to any outstanding tuition.  If the result is a credit balance, a refund will be issued.  Please note:  if you are in receipt of OSAP or out-of-province student loans, any tuition refunds must first be returned to the National Student Loan Service Centre up to the amount of funding issued during the academic year.  Secondly, if you are a sponsored student, any refunds will be returned to your sponsor.  It is important to understand that any changes to your course registration may have financial implications.  

Summer Refund Schedule Sessions Starting in May

Summer Refund Schedule Sessions Starting in June

Summer Refund Schedule Sessions Starting in July


Fall / Winter Term

Students are assessed tuition fees according to the number of courses in which they are registered. If a student is registered in a total of 4.0 credits (or greater) at any point during the academic year, they are assessed full time tuition costs for the full academic year (September to April).  Students who add or drop courses, but remain registered in 4.0 credits are still charged full time tuition costs.

For students wishing to withdraw from a course, you must visit/contact the Academic Dean’s Office and complete the appropriate Change of Status/Withdrawal Form, or Add/Drop form.   It is important to complete the withdrawal procedure as soon as possible, as the amount of refund diminishes at a weekly rate.   After the start of classes, the amount of tuition refund changes weekly at a rate of approximately 12% of the declining fee balance. 

Regardless of attendance, students will be charged the following cancellation fees as of August 1st

Full Time Undergraduate


Part Time Full Course


Part Time Half Course


Part Time Quarter Course


The following compulsory fees are non-refundable as of September 18th:

Health Plan/Dental Plan


Bus Pass




Student Card


Fall / Winter Refund Rate for Full Time Students
Fall / Winter Refund Rate for Part Time Students
The following withdrawal deadlines apply for Fall/Winter refund purposes:

Full Time Status

November 30

Part Time Full Year Course

November 30

Part Time Half Year First Term Course

October 15

Part Time Half Year Second Term Course

February 09

Part Time Quarter Course

Inquire Wemple Room 144

If you are considering adding/dropping courses and are concerned about the financial impact, you are encouraged to seek an appointment with Student Financial Services, Room Wemple Room 144 to discuss your situation.  You may book an appointment by calling 519-433-3491 ext. 4319.

NEW: King's University College will now be issuing student refunds via e-transfer. For further information and instructions, please click  - Here 

Things to Consider:
  1.  King’s University College at Western University Canada is not a semestered institution.  Our Winter Term begins in September and ends in April.  If a student chooses a deferred payment plan (meaning all of their tuition wasn’t paid in full), it is possible to still owe tuition after withdrawing.  This can happen if the amount of tuition refund issued is not equal to or greater than the amount of tuition deferred.
  2. It is also possible to have Entrance, Continuing or sponsorships retracted for early withdrawal.  This could mean that a student could owe tuition after their withdrawal.
  3. Changes to your enrollment may affect your OSAP entitlement, your academic status with regards to OSAP, and your eligibility for future OSAP funding.  Prior to any course changes, you should seek an appointment to discuss your particular situation.
  4. Students that drop from full time status to part time status after Feb 1st do not receive a refund
  5. After February 1st, there will be no refund of student activity fees. After April 1st, there will be no refund of tuition, regardless of circumstance, including backdated withdrawals for academic purposes only.
  6. Where a refund is due to a student for overpayment of a student’s account via International Wire Transfer (Global Pay System, PayMyTuition or Direct Wire), the funds must be returned to the original sender’s bank account. King’s University College is not liable for any variance due to foreign exchange rate fluctuations.