Alana Pawley

Social Justice & Peace Studies prepared me for work in conflict resolution by better understanding power dynamics and systemic oppression at a societal, community, and interpersonal level.

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Alana Pawley

BA Hons '17 Social Justice & Peace Studies and Global Development

Current Career

Organization: Atlohsa Native Family Healing Services Inc.

Title: Cultural Justice Coordinator

Career Overview

I was hired to develop and oversee a new Indigenous restorative justice program for families experiencing violence that will utilize cultural Elders to facilitate conflict resolution circles. I work in a project management capacity designing the program and doing research within the community to ensure the program will be effective in the local context. Once the program begins, I will be responsible for meeting with clients to plan conflict resolution circles, assist in facilitating circles, and providing any further supports that are needed for families such as cultural healing ceremonies, referrals, and aftercare.

Posted: 2018