The Catholic Studies for Teachers (CST) program gives students a solid foundation to be future leaders in Catholic education. Blending in-class and experiential learning, the program offers successful students guaranteed admission to Western’s Faculty of Education.

Students can choose either the Junior-Intermediate or the Intermediate-Senior streams in the BEd program, and can combine CST with another major.

In Years 2, 3, and 4 of the BA (Honors) or four-year BA program, students complete Religious Studies courses in Catholic Studies, including biblical studies, history of Christian thought and practice, prayer and sacraments, Christian ethics, and world religions. Students will also register in service learning courses in which they will be placed in Catholic schools to assist teachers in the classroom and work in other parts of the school (such as the library, special education) to get an overall view of the educational institution and its culture. Students will receive extensive orientation before their placements and will also have regular meetings with the program coordinator throughout their time in the schools.

Students who apply to this program will need to fill out a supplementary application package. Application information can be found at the bottom of this page. Please fully complete the form and ensure that you submit your document electronically when complete.

Admission to this program will be determined by King’s according to the agreement with Western’s Faculty of Education and will be based on grades as well as additional criteria. Students will be asked to complete a supplementary application which includes a personal statement outlining why they want to become a teacher; a resume describing volunteerism, extra-curricular activities, part-time work and community service which demonstrates their interest and skills related to teaching; a reference letter(s) from a teacher, counsellor, chaplain or principal; an applicant must also indicate their preference for either the Junior Intermediate or Intermediate Senior stream in the BEd program in their supplementary application.


Please fully complete the form below. You must submit your application electronically when complete. Detailed instructions are provided on the electronic form found below.